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Staying in showbiz, as we have observed, is even more difficult than breaking into it. That’s why Toni Gonzaga’s decade-long career is truly an achievement. In celebrating this milestone, we’ve come up with a list of 10 random facts about her.

1)  Before the hit shows and box-office films, Toni did have a taste of rejection when she didn’t make the cut for ABS-CBN’s phenomenal gag-variety show, Ang TV. That obviously didn’t stop her from reaching her dreams. As she would often say now, there is no such thing as failure, only delayed success.
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2) Toni is a dog lover. Her dog Wuwu, a golden retriever, has been in numerous TV and print features. The most recent one is the May 2011 cover of YES! magazine. Tagged as the Ultimate Multimedia Pet, Wuwu also has a Facebook fan page.
Photo: YES! magazine
3) Toni shared with Cosmopolitan Philippines that Burberry and Jo Malone are her favorite perfume brands. However, we shouldn’t be surprised if her preferences change as Toni is the now the endorser of Tupperware’s fragrance line.
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4) In a bag raid interview in 2009 by SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon), Toni revealed that it was a New Year’s resolution to start using bags because unlike most girls, she wasn’t fond of using totes before. True enough, a 2007 travel photo in Hong Kong with Bianca Gonzalez and Mariel Rodriguez shows her just donning a belt bag.
Bianca Gonzalez, Mariel Rodriguez, and Toni
Photo: Youtube screencap (user mickay2008)
5) Toni’s “I love you Piolo!” line for a Sprite commercial is definitely her claim to fame. Her stint made a mark and she’s still often associated with the brand even years after its airing. Unknown to many, Toni wasn’t the first choice for the part. Years back, in a feature, she revealed that the female lead failed to deliver what the director wanted and she was later picked for the role.
6) Toni and her sister Cathy (Alex) Gonzaga are both fond of swimming. Before they had their own swimming pool, Toni shared in a Boy & Kris interview that she once secretly skipped class when a resort place opened in Taytay, Rizal (her hometown). One of her tasks when trapped as a guest housemate in the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition in 2007 was to teach housemates Yayo Aguila and Mcoy Fundales how to swim.
Photo: The Ultimate Multimedia Sisters’ Facebook fan page
7) In an episode last July, Kris Aquino paid Toni’s home a visit for Kris TV. In the kitchen tour, Toni showed a separate pantry for her favorite snacks – Japanese treats. Kris and Toni discovered their common love for the goodies. Toni shared that she herself goes to a Japanese grocery store to constantly replenish her stock. In the same episode, she made Kris try her favorite candy. Although the candy’s brand wasn’t mentioned, some fans identified it as Puccho/Ultra Puccho.
8) Her pair of blue satin Manolo Blahnik pumps (similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s in the SATC film) may have gained a lot of attention back in 2009 but Toni revealed that what she really collects is the designer brand Christian Louboutin. Director Paul Soriano, Toni’s boyfriend, also contributed to her collection of the red soled shoes when he gave Toni a pair for her birthday last year.
Toni’s shoe rack and Christian Louboutin collection
Photos: YES! Magazine and (user @TONIisTONI)
9) In the Kris TV’s house visit episode, Kris couldn’t help but notice Toni’s beautiful skin. Asked what her beauty secret is, Toni was quick to attribute it to water. Not only does she drink a lot, their drinking water at home also goes through an oxygenated water dispenser. Oxygenated water is known to help boost the immune system and prevent damage caused by free radicals.
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10) A lot of of showbiz personalities, mostly her leading men, have been linked to her but Toni did not get into a serious relationship until she was 23.  She and her first boyfriend Director Paul Soriano announced their relationship in a Boy & Kris interview back in 2007. They are now on their fourth year of being together and admit they do plan to get married but not yet in the next three years. 
Photo: Toni’s Facebook fan page (Star Studio magazine)
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Catch Toni Gonzaga’s 10th anniversary concert on Friday, September 30, 2011 at the Araneta Coliseum. 
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