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Gone are the days when tisoys (halfies with Caucasian features) ruled Philippine show business. Yeah, there are still the likes of Gerald Anderson, Matt Evans, and a whole host of other celebs with European last names, but nowadays, we are lucky because we are being afforded with a wondrous panoply of other beautiful guys to admire 🙂

Okay, maybe it’s not that easy to create distinctions about who’s moreno, tisoy and chinito among our celebs; almost everyone these days is mixed-blooded anyway. But still, we came up with this great list of the 14 hottest not-so-strictly-chinito guys in Philippine show business. Not all of them have Chinese blood, of course, and some of them are not even Pinoys. Nevertheless, our criteria is very simple: they’re chinky-eyed, they’re gorgeous, and they brighten up our days 🙂

So who’s your bet among them? Please vote for your guy 🙂 You can find the new poll sheet below or on the right sidebarThanks!


Diether Ocampo (Photos: Chroma Philippines,; Facebook fan page)

Diether Ocampo. Who cares if Diether Ocampo no longer looks like how he did back in the 90s (heck everyone looked weird in the 90s). He’s so hot nowadays that it comes as no surprise that Kris Aquino is going gaga over him.

Brent Javier (Photos: Facebook fan pages)

Brent Javier. Yep Brent is old-school, but he’s still one of the best-looking Pinoy male models out there. We didn’t hear about him for a long time, but he recently made a comeback at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011.

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Robi Domingo (Photos: Facebook fan pages)

Robi Domingo. Who doesn’t love this adorable, 22-year-old Atenean? We haven’t heard much about him these days, probably because he’s much too focused on finishing his health sciences degree at the university. See, this guy wants to be a doctor just like his parents.

Chris Tiu (Photos: Facebook fan page)

Chris Tiu. This guy—a basketball superstar, politician, TV host, and commercial model—is probably one of the brightest (i.e. smartest) personalities in Philippine show business. Did you know that Chris Tiu finished two courses at the Ateneo, namely Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Major in Mathematical Finance? Plus, he also has a Minor in Chinese Studies. Coolness 🙂

Akihiro Sato (Photos: Facebook fan page; Penshoppe)

Akihiro Sato. We’ve known about Aki even before this Brazilian-Japanese hottie decided to study here in the Philippines and enter local show business. Maybe’s he’s not as trim as he used to be, but we still have the hots for him 🙂

Enchong Dee (Photos: Cosmo Philippines; Timex; Facebook fan page)

Enchong Dee. We’re happy for Enchong because this guy had long wanted to be a bida in his own teleserye. Now, thanks to the TV drama Maria la del Barrio, it finally came true. Plus, he’s paired with no less than Erich Gonzales, one of the prettiest girls in local show business.

Daniel Matsunaga (Photos: Facebook fan page)

Daniel Matsunaga. Just the thought of Daniel Matsunaga playing football has us palpitating. And thanks to that photo in the middle above, we now know just how cool this dude looks in a booter’s jersey! He’s the second Brapanese to make it on our list.

Dennis Trillo (Photos: Facebook fan page)
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Dennis Trillo. We still remember the days when Dennis Trillo was just cute instead of hot. Then he started posing shirtless for Cosmo! Lol. Dennis’s last name is actually Ho (he is of Chinese descent), so he’s a veritable chinito guy. We’re loving that picture of him above where he’s donning that mixed martial arts gear, by the way 😀

Charles Tiu (Photos: Facebook fan page)

Charles Tiu. Chris Tiu’s brother is smokin’ hot. And to the person who commented on Twitter, nope it’s not because of the wifebeater shirt, so please don’t tease Charles. Lol. We think it’s the attitude (*wink).

John James Uy (Photos: Facebook fan page)
John James Uy. We wonder why John James Uy is not getting a lot of attention in show business. If you’re looking for a cute chinito guy, he’s about as close to the ideal type as you can get.
Kean Cipriano (Photos: Facebook fan page)
Kean Cipriano. Kean has undoubtedly become today’s most popular rock star in the Philippines, and the fame is largely attributable to his good looks.
Fabio Ide (Photos: Metro Magazine; Facebook fan page)
Fabio Ide. Fabio is, in our opinion, the most adorable among the Brapanese hunks on our list. Check out that photo in the middle above. Lol. By all means, Fabio, please show us your beautiful smile 😉 (By the way, if you’re wondering why Hideo Muraoka is not on this list, it’s because he looks more tisoy than chinito 🙂
Benjamin Tang (Photos: Cosmo Philippines; Facebook fan page)
Benjamin Tang. Not a lot of people know about Benjamin Tang, but this German-Vietnamese model is hot as a Jollibee hash brown just picked out of the frying pan. Damn. Just gotta love that bod!
Xian Lim (Photos: Facebook fan page)
Xian Lim. Xian is not the most popular guy on our hottest chinito list, but he’s our top pick because he’s just so gorgeous! Like “p*cha and gwapo!” gorgeous 🙂  With his number of fans on the rise, we’re pretty sure he’ll have more TV and movie projects in the future! (Update: Thanks to a Xian fan for telling us we should also let you guys know about the fact that he’s a great actor and he plays a lot of musical instruments 🙂 cute and cultured)
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Who do you think is the hottest chinito in Philippine show business today?

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