BEYOND EXPECTATIONS — that’s how I will probably sum up my 2016. What started as a year in limbo, surpassed all personal expectations.

Someone once told me that I had too much goals in 2016 and it’s probably best to streamline things for priority and focus. But it also helped me that they were many. Besides not getting bored in the last 365 days, the multiplicity and the wide array of passion points in the list helped me to rediscover my old self and discover newfound personal strengths (and weaknesses too!).

Some of the items in my list were pretty easy to tick off, while some were beyond imagination: Who knew I’ll get sponsored for a trip to India? Who knew I’ll get to interview over a dozen personalities? Who knew Random Republika will become a media partner to a big organization such as Asian Television Awards?

Some ideas are planned, and some are destined to happen. And when they happen, they are magical.

Travel to India / Solo Travel: India (September 2016)

Climb a Mountain: Mount Samat (December 2016)

Visit a Temple: Yogyakarta, Indonesia (October 2016)

Go on a Road Trip: Tagaytay (January 2016)

Delhi-Agra-Jaipur (September 2016)

Do Yoga: True Fitness (December 2016)

Find a Favorite Author: Paulo Coelho (Manuscript Found in Accra) / Jojo Mayes (Me Before You)

Charity / Give Back to Kids: Pasig (December 2016)

Get Random Republika featured in a TV Show in relation to something of great inspiration or importance:

Asian Television Awards Media Partnership (December 2016)

Guests at Tonight with Boy Abunda (January 2016)

Media Partnership at Alden Richards’ Concert in Singapore (July 2016)

Interview someone big:

Alden Richards (July 2016)

Boy Abunda (January 2016)

Vhong Navarro (September 2016)

Jason Dy and Morissette Amon (October 2016)

Get more active in the dance group:

Shangri-La Singapore’s Tower Opening (November 2016)

Otterbox Launch (September 2016)

Halloween at Clarke Quay (October 2016)

Watch a theatre play: Les Miserables (July 2016)

Watch a concert:

Ray Chen (November 2016)

Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro in Singapore (September 2016)

MOR Live in Singapore with Jason Dy, Morissette Amon and Lyca Gairanod (October 2016)

Go clubbing again: Boracay (February 2016)

Date someone new: December 2016…

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