Axel Torres is one of the current Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) male housemates making a name for himself mainly because of his good looks and boy-next-door charm. We take a closer look at this 19 year old hunk to see if we can know him a bit better. Here’s our rundown of what we found out about him in the internet…
Well, we know for a fact that he has a killer smile!
Photo from Facebook
And he has the best triceps, ever!

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He knows Vice Ganda on a personal level and they’re pretty close…
Instagram @axe1torres
In fact, Axel and Vice are so close, they even party together with other personalities like Anne Curtis Georgina and Wilson
Instagram @axe1torres
He likes taking selfies (and they’re adorable..)
Instagram @axe1torres
(… especially those with six packs on it!)
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Axel is a star basketball player back in high school (De La Salle Zobel)…

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Now in college (De La Salle University), he is still waiting for his time to shine to transfer from Team B to Team A of the DLSU basketball varsity team…
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If that happens, it will only mean he will be able to play again alongside his younger brother, Thomas Torres, in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP).
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Everyone knows he’s a head-turner. He was actually featured as one of the Candy Cuties in 2013.
Photo from Facebook
Although he is “turning several heads,” it seems like his eyes are only fixed for one girl. 
(Axel, is he your girl friend? is she your girlfriend? Awwww… lucky her!)
Instagram @axe1torres with @reehamafdal
Good luck on your stay in the PBB House! Of course we want to see a gorgeous face like that for more than 100 days… *wink, wink*
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