Ang sarap kainin ng favorite kong siomai!” This new song by Comedy Concert Queen Ai Ai Delas Alas is so sticky, it’s still playing in my head even after the press conference. The Kapuso comedienne-entrepreneur is certainly back to dropping tunes and her latest is a song track is all about siomai — “Siomai (What?)

Wondering what got Ai Ai to sing about this particular Asian dumpling? Ai Ai confirmed her love for siomai during the Q&A and this is reflected in the lines that say, “Fried man or steamed, basta merong toyo, kalamansi saka sili, para medyo may anghang, para pag kinain ‘to mas malinamnam.”

Well one could start by listening to her first on all the streaming platforms, as “Siomai (what?)” was only recently released last weekend. And it comes complete with all the sidings. An accompanying music video was at the ready when “Siomai (what?)” dropped. And for spice, Ai Ai gets down for some TikTok-worthy choreo. Yes, Ai Ai knows how to give her “Siomai” special sauce.

Ai Ai is almost conversational in her delivery. And the gist of it all is that she just loves her siomai, all types of it too by the looks of it: ‘Yes halos everyday, ako’y laging nag-i-imagine/ kapag ako po ay hindi nakakakain ng aking favorite, na mabenta all the time / mapa-beef, pork, chicken at, or any kind.’ It’s like she’ll go berserk if she doesn’t get her fill of siomai. Only a few can sing about siomai and pull it off. And Ai Ai is probably top of the list. If you want to be Ai Ai’s good side, you know what to do.

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Seriously, Ai Ai Delas Alas just wants to lighten the mood. A year-plus into the pandemic and with everybody still relatively fresh from the latest lockdowns, Ai Ai, as per her character, is not putting out anything serious or upsetting out into the world. Not even an ‘emotera hugot’ song. For now, she just wants to have fun. And she wants those who listens and watches her music video for “Siomai (what?)” to do the same. “Kantahan and sayawan lang, go! Let’s do this,” she seems to say.

Ai Ai Delas Alas’ “Siomai (what?)” is released by Viva Records and can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube music. Check out the official music video, with Ai Ai dancing and singing about siomai,   on the Viva Records YouTube channel.


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