Photos: Folded & Hung (Alden Richards) and Bench (Paulo Avelino)

When showbiz kids grow up, what do they do? They strip down to the bare essentials of course. Lol. Yep, we appreciate Alden Richards’s first attempt at pagpapa-sexy as a skaterboy-slash-surfer in boardshorts for Folded & Hung’s Summer 2012 campaign. Not bad at all, ain’t it?

But the whole thing sort of reminds us of the time when another GMA artist, Paulo Avelino, transformed almost overnight from that adorkable Starstruck kid to a demigod when he did his Bench Body’s Summer 2011 pictorial.

Okay, Alden Richards’s photos are a little tamer, but it’s a start. He’s gone trending on Twitter and other social networking sites these past few days because of this project.  So, does he also plan to do the Cosmo bit and then transfer to ABS-CBN later on, too? Hehe.

Anyway, check out the Alden’s pictures below and tell us who works it better 🙂

Photo: Folded & Hung (Alden Richards)

It’s kinda funny how Alden’s face seems to have been copy-pasted from that picture on the left to the picture on the right 🙂 Lol. But yep, Alden Richards is indeed workin’ it here.

But then again, Paulo Avelino’s fans would say otherwise 🙂 What do you think? 

Photo: Bench (Paulo Avelino)
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