IMUREGEN is a protein food supplement that supports the DNA structure of the cell. The product contains nucleotides, amino acids, minerals, organic salts and vitamins. It is also FDA approved with no known side effects.

It was developed in the 1950’s by Dr. D. Rakus, who believed in the principle that the body should only be treated the natural way, and nature has provided this treatment.

According to Dr. Susan Barlin, CEO of Forever Healthy product, “The product is second to none, because I honestly that believe that God’s hand is on this product because the effect is very fast and it deals with the DNA. Our body is made of organs, and then are organs is made of tissues, and are tissues is made of cells, in the cell is a nucleus right? In the nucleus is you chromosome, the X and Y half from you mother half from your father, that’s our body, and chromosomes is made of nucleotides. Everyday are body is comparted free radicals, stress, or even genetic diseases that we have inherited from our parents, so lage tayong nasa risk and also even our skin cells get dies, because of everything like sunlight electromagnetic field ng cellphone lahat yan. Everyday may mga cell tayong namamatay, we need to replenish them. How do you replenish you DNA, you can not manufacture or you can not nucleotides from anything so what’s inside this bottle what’s inside this drinks is nucleotides. It takes nucleotides to repair you nucleotides so….., because everyday, every minute your cells are dying and replenishing like your skin cells, your blood cells your liver cells every 300 days, 23 days iba ibang cells ng parte ng katawan natin kailangan yang magbago.”

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She added, “Hindi ko ilalagay sa TV to kung (hindi effective), Chavit Simson was a guest, na stroke nung last april, pinatawag kami sa bahay nya and now look at him observed how he look now kasi and how he look (before) kasi it reverses aging, you will look (younger), all your friends will say “anong sekreto mo?” kasi DNA eh, you know nothing is better than stem cell.”

The product was manufactured by UNIREGEN which is a Czech Republic company in Europe and now distributed of Forever Healthy Products here in the Philippines since 2016 and to other countries.Forever Healthy, LLC its founders and members embody the mission of a global impact on both health and wealth. Teaching others that it’s possible to have the lifestyle, health and legacy you desire is that is obtainable, while helping others is what separates us in the direct sales industry.
This company offers an opportunity to anybody who is interested in changing their life and taking the opportunity to help others to bridge the gap of poverty and earn a good living.

What are the benefits of IMUREGEN?

IMUREGEN has the positive effects on the total regeneration of the body immune system. It helps the body structure and function to work optimally by improving the body’s immune system and helping it to regenerate or repair cells.

When the body has a strong immune system it is able to fight off bacteria, fungus, viruses, sickness and others.

Who should take it?

IMUREGEN is ideal for everyone, nursing mothers, adult or even small children because of it’s greatly benefits. It is very ideal for those with a compromised immune system or patients weakened body due to viral infections.

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It is an ideal protein supplement for middle aged and older people to improve their physical condition and to ease mental fatigue and exhaustion. It can be used with advantage in the terminal stages of cancer and suitable prevention from allergies for younger people.

According to Dr. Susan Barlin, “we want to bring out to the society, community, to the nation, to the world that this is not just for sick people.  “So how do you make sure your DNA will be repair and replenish correctly like this (imuregen). And this is not steroids, and pag yung mga nag-exercise ….. or pre-workout you take this (imuregen) and endurance po ang lakas ang your building muscles is even better. And if your dealing with aging it can reverse it. Im 60 years old, I’m lift weights, i played basketball, I have so my energy and stamina is like of a 20 years old. And that’s life would about, life is not about longevity but youngevity.”

For dosage in take, please see directions on the container.

How to avail the product

IMUREGEN is sold in the Philippines through MLM which means MultiLevel Marketing, wherein when you buy the the product (activation package), you automatically become a member and can distribute the product.

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