Anne Curtis and Nora Aunor (Photos: Rogue Magazine; Yes Magazine; Mark Nicdao)
Okay, we’re not going to ask you guys if you think Anne Curtis or Nora Aunor glammed-up the yosi better.  Lol. We’re just mildly surprised that these two famous gals become infamous at the same time by wielding the bad white stick and appearing (both in black-and-white) on the covers of two popular magazines. They drew flak from medical organizations as a result. But we’re not here to do the same. Although we are non-smokers ourselves, we still adhere to the principle of live and let live (and Anne Curtis is not even a smoker in real life, people!). So, we just want to ask you guys, aside from the cig bit, whodunit better? 🙂
Here’s our take:
Your background says a lot: Well this is a no-brainer. Of course, Anne Curtis’s Parisian background (beautifully shot in perspective) wins by a long shot. It’s a lot more creative than Nora Aunor’s random bintana.
Monochrome madness: Printing the magazine covers in black-and-white for these two exciting stars was pure genius. But we loved Rogue’s movie-poster-inspired aesthetics better. Plus, we also loved how they put the magazine title in pink and Anne’s name in cursive typeface, both of which look very sexy indeed. Yes! Magazine’s take, on the other hand, is more classic and straightforward. But sorry, that Star Magic Ball inset totally ruined your comeback mag cover, Nora.
Angas factor: Anne is sexy and sultry, like a veritable femme fatale. Nora, on the other hand, has her chin up and is displaying her newfound confidence in her bearing (Ako na ang superstar!) and in her serious-but-almost-smiling countenance. Congratulations, Superstar, we give you this round!
You are what you wear: Anne’s backless sexiness wins against Nora’s Peter-Pan-inspired blouse!
OUR VERDICT: Anne Curtis worked it better! But we still want to welcome back Superstar Nora Aunor 🙂 The Noranians have long waited for her comeback, and now it has finally come true. (Somebody please cook up a Nora and Vilma movie please!)
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