In case you’ve been living under a rock, you would know by now that the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit 2015 is currently taking place here in the Philippines. World leaders from other member countries arrived early this week for this important economic forum. Serious things aside, a lot of local netizens found entertainment in crushing on two good-looking visitors – Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (43) and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto (49). Photos of the two are now going viral and are being tagged as APEC Hotties. Some followers are also expressing envy over Kris Aquino’s welcoming stint for President Nieto yesterday.

Here are some photos we gathered. Whose team are you on? 😉

Welcome #apechotties #apecbaes ?

A photo posted by Marilena Shirakawa (@marilenashirakawa) on

#ApecHotties #ApecBae “Yes please” Lol haha! A photo posted by Lorraine Catiis (@catiish) on

#APECbae #APECHotties #teamCanada #teamMexico #JustinTrudeau #EnriquePeñaNieto #apec_bae

A photo posted by iamsassychi (@iamsassychi) on

Ahahaahaha #APECHotties

A photo posted by GenIloveniall (@geniloveniall) on

So who’s hotter? Canada PM or Mexico President? Maiba naman hindi puros tungkol sa traffic nalang… #APEChotties

A photo posted by Ana Esguerra (@aaesguerra13) on

The #apechotties 2015. ? A photo posted by Nikka Mariño (@nikka_nish) on

Now I finally understand the meaning of “Mahal na Pangulo” hihi #apechotties #mexicoPresNieto #CanadianPres

A photo posted by Christine Sumbilla-Santos (@tinsumbillasantos) on

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