The filming location was perfect for the movie theme. What better way for fear to creep in than bring your cast to a dark and goosebumps-inducing cemetery area. A group of bloggers and I were fortunate to get a glimpse of the set of award-winning director Alvin Yapan’s comeback film Talahib. With a bunch of new-generation and seasoned stars, Yapan is out to offer a slasher piece.

The film is a derivative of classic Filipino horror legends. It is about a ghost who kills helpless victims who pass by his grass field or talahiban in an abandoned subdivision. Bodies are found suffocated before being thrown in the same area The story is told from the point of view of PO2 Bong (Joem Bascon), the police investigator. A non-believer, PO2 Bong will struggle through the mystery of deaths and his encounter with a barkada of individuals in their 20s and early 30s will definitely spice up the adventure.

Known for serious films, Yapan was vocal about wanting to offer something light. He and his team are expecting to get a PG or Parental Guidance rating for the slasher film. One thing he assured, though, his film will not present direct violence onscreen.

Completing Talahib’s cast are Joem Bascon, Kate Alejandrino, Gillian Vicencio, Kristof Garcia, Angellie Sanoy, Timothy Castillo, Jess Mendoza, Dax Alejandro, Yam Mercado, Iyo Canlas, and Sue Prado. This is under the production of FEAST Foundation.

Iyo Canlas, Yam Mercado, Dax Alejandro, Joem Bascon, Jess Mendoza, Sue Prado, Kristof Garcia, Gillian Vicencio, Timothy Castillo, Angellie Sanoy, director Alvin Yapan

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