Born and raised in the Philippines, multihyphenate Yoliesil Pontino is now making waves in the United States as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and concert producer. The proud Filipina is successfully juggling her business ventures with her mommy and wife duties in San Francisco, California.

A former hotel desk officer, Yoliesil met her Filipino-American husband at work. The couple moved to and built a family in the US in 2013. They have been blessed with three children.

US-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Yoliesil Pontino

Yoliesil started her career as a stylist for the Eva Mendes collection back in 2014. Her love for fashion and accessories was nurtured that eventually led to her being a luxury brand online seller. What started out as a part-time hustle turned into a flourishing business these days.

Being a go-getter, Yoliesil shared how her own business was not spared from the challenges of the pandemic but she and her team powered through the tough times. She even had enough to share with her kababayans. “Everybody was struggling during the [height of] the pandemic. We started doing charity which we called “ayuda,” she shared. Her charitable act expanded to almost twenty rounds of donations to the Philippines.

Get a glimpse here of how she exudes passion, positivity, and good vibes in selling:

Yoliesil put up Luxury Closet, her new online business that sells authentic designer bags with a huge market in the Philippines. “It was a struggle at first to put up a new business during the pandemic but my husband and I were surprised that it [the business] went crazy!,” she said. “We were able to sell 72 purses in one night!”

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The inspiring entrepreneur and philanthropist believes it is God’s will for her to be able to help more people as she continues to do her works of charity back home. “My advocacy is to make a difference in our community. I want to serve as an inspiration,” Yoliesil said. “I’m not doing charity work because I have much. It is because I know what it feels like to have nothing.” She began to share her experience of being a single mom for six years and added, “I struggled. A LOT. But then, I stood up and here I am. I am very lucky with my husband.” Yoliesil’s charity work has expanded from monthly stints to weekly ones.

For someone who describes herself as a hands-on manager, Yoliesil went through every experience and savored it. Grit and determination got her through the most difficult times. The woman boss radiates with confidence and generosity. She speaks about her projects with so much passion.

“If there’s one thing I can teach aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s PATIENCE and HARD WORK,” Yoliesil said. In real life, she was able to help and guide followers and a friend in putting up similar businesses. That is very telling of how generous and selfless she is. Even when she personally fell for bogus buyers or scammers, Yoliesil still cultivates trust in her heart and provides convenient payment schemes for her buyers. She is proof that greed is not synonymous to business success. “The only way I can return blessings from heaven is by giving back,” she said.

As her business and charity projects continue to expand, Yoliesil also grows as a businesswoman. She is now a major sponsor and producer of concerts featuring Filipino artists. In her stellar lineup of celebrities are Alden Richards, Angeline Quinto, Bugoy Drilon, Daryl Ong, Michael Pangilinan (BuDaKhel), Sam Milby, and Piolo Pascual. Her upcoming concert production is happening this October 16 with Gigi De Lana and Carlo Aquino. She has yet to reveal her surprises for 2023.

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“I want my children and others to see how talented Filipino artists are,” Yoliesil said. She is now instrumental in bringing Filipino stars to the international stage and showcasing their brilliance.

“To whom much is given, much is required,” the old saying goes. Yoliesil proves to everyone that it can be done. She spreads love and happiness out of her own volition, without expecting anything in return but for others to pass on the kindness. “I told my volunteers you don’t really have a reason to help others. We don’t have to have a calamity to help others. When you see a barangay tanod around, why not offer to make him or her coffee? That will make a difference,” she said.

This November 19, Yoliesil will be recognized as a Gawad Amerika 2022 awardee in Hollywood for her charitable works. “I would like to share this award with my volunteers here in the US and in the Philippines,” she smilingly said. Even in taking credit, her instinct is to share. ♥


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