Barbie Forteza and David Licauco’s onscreen chemistry in GMA’s hit series “Maria Clara at Ibarra” captured viewers, creating the unexpected-slash-accidental love team “BarDa” or once “FiLay.” Their authentic rapport sparked from their roles but deepened offscreen, becoming the foundation for their success both on- and off-camera.

Friendship as a Catalyst for Chemistry

During a media conference, Barbie considers herself a cheerleader or hypewoman for David shared that their strong friendship played a pivotal role in maintaining their love team’s chemistry. “The love I have for David is like that of a guide and support,” she explained in a mix of Tagalog and English.

She recalled her unwavering support for David during the Sparkle World Tour in Canada. “I went out of my way to cheer him on,” Barbie said. “I wanted to show my support and help our love team flourish.”

David expressed his gratitude for Barbie’s unwavering support. “I reciprocate her support and value her immensely as a friend and colleague,” he stated.

Memorable Korean Adventure

“That Kind of Love” marks Barbie and David’s first film collaboration. Filmed partially in South Korea, the movie offered unforgettable experiences. Barbie recounted their adventures visiting iconic Kdrama locations. “I’ll never forget the scene we shot in the tunnel,” she said. “It was freezing, but the atmosphere was amazing.”

David also cherished a particular scene where they had to cross a busy road. “Despite the risk, it was a romantic moment,” he recalled.

A Call to Filipino Moviegoers

Barbie and David hope “That Kind of Love” will inspire moviegoers to return to cinemas. Barbie emphasized the importance of supporting Filipinomade films. “We aim to revive the quality of Filipino films and encourage people to prioritize them over Hollywood productions,” she stated.

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David echoed her sentiment, highlighting the joy of watching movies in theaters. “With films like ‘That Kind of Love,’ we hope to bring people back to the cinemas,” he said.

A Date Night Essential

Barbie recommended “That Kind of Love” as an ideal date movie. “It’s perfect for reminiscing about the power of love,” she said.

Directed by Catherine Camarillo, “That Kind of Love” hits cinemas nationwide on July 10. Barbie and David will also reunite in the historical drama series “Pulang Araw” on GMA Prime.


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