BEAUTéDERM Corporation marks two milestones as it renews Sylvia Sanchez as one of its top celebrity brand ambassadors, while launching a new line of all-natural products. 

Sanchez, as the first ambassador Beautéderm launched on a national scale, is The Face Of Beautéderm – a title that befits her as she continues to represent the brand trusted for the effectiveness of its products. 

This renewal is significant because Sanchez and husband Art Atayde won their battle against Covid-19. “It was a dark moment in my life,” recalls Sanchez. “But I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I know that great things are in store for me and I still have a purpose to accomplish.”


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Beautéderm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan says, “She’s like a sister to me. I cried when she and Kuya Art tested positive for Covid-19 and I, along with the entire Beautéderm family are overjoyed they survived. Ate Sylvia is an ideal brand ambassador as she does her responsibilities with all her heart.”

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Sanchez adds that her relationship with Beautéderm transcends business, “I’m proud to endorse Beautéderm with my fellow ambassadors. We are united as a family. Rei Rei’s good heart and generosity inspires me as she is helping countless people during these difficult times.”


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To address the demand of the natural beauty movement that now defines the multi-billion beauty industry, Beautéderm launches Beauté L’ Tous, Beauté L’ Cheveux, and Beauté L’ Elixir Skin Set – all FDA Notified, like all of Beautéderm’s products.

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“We worked hard for a year to develop our new products. We use only the most powerful ingredients to produce quality results exceeding the effectiveness of synthetic mainstream products,” reveals Anicoche-Tan.

Studies show that 60% of what is applied on the skin are absorbed by the body. Cosmetics-users could acquire an annual absorption rate of 5 lbs. worth of chemicals. Thus, end-users are transitioning to natural beauty products. 

Beauté L’ Tous is a natural whitening hand and body lotion safe for all to use, while Beauté L’ Cheveux is a natural hair oil that tames unruly tresses without the weight of synthetic silicone.


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Beauté L’ Elixir, an all-natural skin set with acne buster properties made with nature’s best ingredients, consists of a refining toner, sunblock primer, and night fix créme perfect for all skin types; good for both adults and tweens; and safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.


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Sylvia’s Choice

“At my age, I’m wearing less make-up and Beauté L’ Elixir is perfect for me. I also love the berry scent of Beauté L’ Tous, and I don’t have to blow-dry my hair with Beauté L’ Cheveux. I’m mindful of the products I use and this all-natural line is helping me with the healthy living I’m now advocating,” explains Sanchez who is currently part of the online talk show Pamilya Kuwentuhan, featuring the cast of Pamilya Ko which streams 5pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on ABS-CBN’s digital platforms.  


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The manufacturing process of these products makes Beautéderm’s all-natural line a game changer in the industry. 

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“We only use the most powerful and effective natural ingredients. We respect their integrity through Cold Process Manufacturing that preserves their potency,” says Anicoche-Tan. 

For those still using products containing health-threatening substances such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and triclosan as well as synthetic colors and fragrances, it’s best to switch to Beautéderm’s natural beauty products now that good health is of utmost importance.

For more information and updates on Sylvia Sanchez and Beautéderm’s newest line of all-natural products, follow @beautédermcorporation on Instagram, like Beautéderm Corporation on Facebook, and subscribe to Beautéderm on YouTube

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