Image captured from Divine Lee’s Twitter Account.
While reading some tweets last night, we stumbled upon one funny trending topic: #beckyproblems. If we got our sources right, this huge following was started a couple of days ago by the Becky Queen herself, Divine Lee, together with her awesome crew, the Becky Nights team (Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun, and Buern Rodriguez).
For those of you who are strangers to the Filipino gay lingo, becky is a colloquial term for a homosexual.
With the power of social media, these beckies are now creating a tidal wave in the Twitter world (at least in a local context), letting their voices be heard by many. Funny but true, they have their own sets of bizarre, shallow-yet-also-serious problems that no other gender can possibly relate to.
Here are a few interesting tweets about #beckyproblems that will make you laugh-out-loud! We have one #beckyproblem though… there are so many funny tweets, unfortunately we can’t capture them all.
For those beckies out there, can you relate to any of them? Why don’t you post your own becky problem in the comments box.
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