Last September 08, 2017 (Friday), 29 dashing male finalists competed in the prestigious male beauty pageant, Manhunt Singapore 2017 (junior and senior categories). From as young as 19 years old to as mature as 52 years old, these men come from diverse backgrounds and careers ranging from students to fitness trainers, tech start-up owners, airline executives, chiropractors, and firefighters.

Beyond showcasing their eight-packs, the competition also displayed everyone’s talents, confidence, and wit. From swimwear to formal attire and to the question & answer rounds, these men surprised the audience with their overwhelming charm and exuberant appeal on stage. Worthy to note is that several candidates repeatedly mentioned “being true to yourself” in the Q&A segment. For most of them, they consider this an essential element in winning the competition and to succeed in life. Clearly, in this day and age, honesty and authenticity matter to everyone.

In the end, hunky Damien Koh (#S6) and charming Simon Shen (#10) won in their respective categories. Here’s the full list of winners:

*Subsidiary Titles*
Mr Japan IPL – S6, Damien Koh
Mr Fabulous – 13, Desmond Toh
Mr Vintage Studios – 3, Sam Lee
Mr Vintage Studios (Senior) – S8, Derrick Ong
Mr Lab Series – 4, Ryan Ho
Mr G Spa – S1, Syafiq Kamal
Mr Follicle – S1, Syafiq Jamal
Mr Phytologist – 11, Vincent Chua
Mr Phytologist (Senior) – S8, Derrick Ong
Mr Internet Popularity – 17, Badruddin Ramle
Mr Internet Popularity (Senior) – S5, Berdley Choong
Mr Musicality – 18, Danesh Laino

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*Top 15 (in no order of merit)*
⁃ 11, Vincent Chua
⁃ 18, Danesh Laino
⁃ 2, Derrel Lee
⁃ 10, Simon Shen
⁃ 4, Ryan Ho
⁃ 15, Jayden Teo
⁃ 12, Phone Pyi Kyaw
⁃ 3, Sam Lee
⁃ 16, Hassanal Ruslan
⁃ 17, Badruddin Ramle
⁃ S8, Derrick Ong
⁃ S6, Damien Koh
⁃ S2, Ryan Chen
⁃ S1, Syafiq Kamal
⁃ S5, Berdley Choong

2ND RUNNER-UP – S2, Ryan Chen

2ND RUNNER-UP – 12, Phone Pyi Kyaw

1ST RUNNER-UP – S1, Syafiq Kamal

1ST RUNNER-UP – 11, Vincent Chua

WINNER – S6, Damien Koh

WINNER – 10, Simon Shen

The Singaporean winner (note: only 1 candidate will represent SG) will be sent to Bangkok, Thailand from November 22 to 28, 2017 to vie for the title of Manhunt International 2017 against the other candidates from other countries. Last year, Patrick Sjoo of Sweden won in the competition. Best of luck, Mr. Singapore!

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