Filipina socialite, entrepreneur, and celebrity vlogger Small Laude will be the official endorser of the newest product of Corbridge Group Philippines, Power Melo, a powdered juice drink with a refreshing burst of 100% Pomelo Extract.

With Pomelo as its main ingredient, Power Melo provides a lot of health benefits such as antiaging properties and antioxidants which protects the body against the damages from free radicals. It is also reach in vitamin c for immune-system boost, potassium, protein and fiber!

“I always love Pomelo ever since I was a child! I know it’s good for our health kaya nung nadiscover ko ang Power Melo, I told my husband, we should definitely try this!” Small said, saying their family meals are incomplete without the pomelo juice drink.

“It’s so easy to prepare plus nutritious at masarap pa! SO SO GOOD!” she added, saying it’s the main reason why she decided to be the face of Power Melo.

Mr. German Panghulan, the Corbridge Group Phils Inc. president, also shared the inspiration behind Power Melo.

“Pomelo is a powerful fruit. It contains a lot of surprising health benefits so we thought how can we bring this to the table of Filipino consumers in the most convenient way? That’s where it all started,” Mr. Panghulan said. “We take advantage on what grows on trees!”

Since the beginning, Corbridge Group Philippines advocates and produces natural and organic consumer products for the Filipino people.

Powermelo Powdered Juice 5 Grams is only ₱245.00 per box of 10’s while Powermelo Powdered Juice 20 Grams is only ₱650.00 / box of 10’s. It is available at 7-11 and Mercury Drugstores nationwide.

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Brace yourself for a refreshing burst of Pomelo. Tastes so good and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals!


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