In an age of interconnectedness, the entertainment industry is embracing international collaboration like never before. Technology and shifting cultural landscapes have made it possible for talents to transcend geographical boundaries, creating opportunities for unique and diverse projects that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Leading this charge, VP Global Management Philippines and TCP Artistes Singapore have formed a groundbreaking partnership, paving the way for a new era of cross-border talent collaboration. This strategic alliance aims to foster inter-regional projects, providing artists with a platform to expand their reach and explore new markets.

Empowering Artists on a Global Stage

At a recent press conference, Charlie Dy, CEO of VP Global Management, expressed the company’s commitment to nurturing and elevating its talents. “Our promise remains steadfast: to guide our talents towards the global stage and beyond,” he emphasized.

The partnership will enable VP Global’s talents—Rob Gomez, Sarah Edwards, Mika Reins, Christiana Zaleta, and Dylan Yturralde—to explore opportunities in Singapore under the management of TCP Artistes. In turn, TCP’s talents—Brian Ng, David Matthew Ubaña, and Raynold Tan—are eager to dive into the vibrant Filipino entertainment industry.

Embracing Diversity and Exploring New Genres

TCP’s Singaporean talents have expressed particular interest in the action and horror genres, areas where the Philippines has established a strong reputation. Raynold Tan, a self-proclaimed action enthusiast, envisions himself in high-octane films that align with his athletic background. Similarly, David Matthew Ubaña, a lifelong fan of action movies, sees the Philippines as a perfect platform to explore his passion for the genre.

Sean Kevin, CEO of TCP Artistes, sees immense potential in this partnership. He believes that both Philippine and Singaporean audiences will benefit from the diverse talents and performances that will emerge from this collaboration.

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A New Chapter of Excellence

As VP Global Management and TCP Artistes embark on this exciting journey, the future holds limitless possibilities. By fostering a collaborative environment and leveraging their respective strengths, these two industry leaders are poised to redefine the entertainment landscape. The partnership promises to unlock new opportunities for artists, expand their horizons, and create content that resonates with global audiences.


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