Travel: 10 Visa-Free Destinations for Philippine Passport Holders

Dusk in the city of Kyoto, Japan (photo from: Good news, fellow Pinoys… according to a article which was published […]

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Celebrities and Their Holy Week Getaways

We stalked different celebrities and their Instagram accounts to check what are they up to this Holy Week. Here’s a compilation of […]

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Celebrities’ Cutest Non-Showbiz Boyfriends

They are rarely seen on TV and they never, ever steal the limelight for their artista girlfriends. But despite this, […]

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The Confessions of a Badingerzi: Your Ultimate Guide on How to Spot a Becky

Gay, homosexual, fag, bakla, bading, badaf, badingerzi, bex, becky–we call them by many names. But in this day and age, […]

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3 Nights in Bangkok, 10 Must Visit Places Paolo Avis

Original photo from by P BANGKOK SHUTDOWN. I visited Bangkok almost a month ago during the Valentine’s Day weekend and it […]

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Throwback Thursday: Stars and How They Looked Like When They Were a Bit Younger

THROWBACK THURSDAY. If you want recall how our celebrities look like when they were younger, here’s Random Republika’s special treat […]

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12 of the Hottest Abs in Philippine Show Business

Photo from 12. JC Tiuseco Instagram @jctiuseco 11. Edward Mendez Photo from 10.  Victor Basa Instagram @boksantos 9.  Fred Payawan […]

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20 Hottest Morenos & Morenas in Philippine Show Business

Photo sources: and They are best known for their talents, good looks, and sex appeal, but we love […]

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25 Filipina Celebrities with Beautiful Legs

25 Filipina Celebrities with Beautiful Legs by: K Beauty is subjective. We all have different standards or criteria for what […]

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Melanie Marquez is Melanie Marquez: 20 Quotable Quotes From The Ethereal Beauty Queen

Photo from Melanie is back in Manila after her recent car accident in the United States. We’re glad she’s now home, […]

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Where to Eat: 15 Must-try Dining Spots for Pinoy Tourists in Singapore

Photo from We Filipinos definitely love our rice and ulams (viands/main dishes), especially anything that involves fried dishes and […]

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Got to Believe Chapter 2: The 6 KathNiel Spots in Singapore

KathNiel in Singapore: List of places where Joaquin and Chichay were spotted in Got to Believe The hit primetime drama […]

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Pinoy Pop Culture: Random Facts That Are Turning 10 Years Old This Year

POLITICS 1. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo wins over Fernando Poe Jr. as the 14th president of the Philippines     2. The eventual […]

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13 Hottest Young Stars of 2013

by: P From their hit movies to their successful TV shows, here’s our list of the hottest young stars of […]


The Guy You Should Marry vs. The Guy You Should Just Have A Fling With

By: P Dear girls, Often times, our long-time high school crushes don’t end up as the people we eventually get […]


Got To Believe: Top 10 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With Joaquin ‘Wacky’ Manansala

ABS-CBN’s ‘Got To Believe’ which premiered on August 26, 2013 continue to create big waves with the powerful and charming […]

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Random Remakes: From Marimar to Maria Mercedes!

With a localized Maria Mercedes coming soon on ABS-CBN, we thought of backtracking a bit on how far the industry […]

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Top 10 Hottest Pinoy Male Celebrities on Instagram

If you’ve got sexy washboard abs, then might as well flaunt it. Nowadays, celebs turn to Instagram to publicly display […]

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5 Random Stuff We Miss (or Not!) on Philippine TV

Back in the day when smartphones and social media were not yet available to distract us, many of us grew […]

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Random List: Showbiz Sisters We Love

Photos: Anne & Jasmine (Look magazine Sept 2011 via fashionmediaph); Liz & Laureen + Toni & Alex (Instagram)   In […]

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