Watch six short one-act plays that will feature entertaining and heart-wrenching stories about love with the “Ampalaya Dialogues #TwoIsBetterThanOne” on October 14, Saturday, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the PETA Theater Center. 

The six plays will include: “Tayo, Sa Pagitan Ng Mga Salita” (starring Thalia Nicole and Kenneth Monserrate); “Mga Naiwang Tanong Sa Huli Nating Tag-Araw” (starring Mark Ghosn and Alvin Nakassi); “Huling Kuha” (starring Berna Manipon and FJ Gonzales); “Kung Paano Tayo Tinalo ng Pag-ibig” (starring Yan-yan Gervero and Hogi Cudlum); “Beauty And The Bes” (starring Janine and Lloce and Emman Jimenez); “Bables And The Bridges They Burn” (starring Gracia Paterno and Ysai Cajilig). 

Tickets are priced at P500 and are available via their Facebook Messenger Page:

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