Start-up company CruzFit, co-owned by celebrity brothers and GMA artists Rodjun and RayverCruz, is one of the satisfied users of the Nobi e-commerce system. This was revealed during the digital brand’s grand press conference hosted by actress-host Dianne Medina.

“It actually helped us run marketing in an organized manner. Instead of trial and error in terms of ad campaigns and marketing, were able to attack things systematically,” co-founder Xavier Medina said, representing CruzFit. “The different features helped us reach our potential clients.” In detail, Medina raved about how the Nobi Pro system contributed to their relatively small yet growing business.

“Everything is automated. Everything is optimized,” Medina shared as he ended his presentation. “We were able to organize things in such a short span of time.” He also added that the organization resulted in improvement of sales every month.

During his presentation, Medina shared his key takeaways per feature as an end-user:


  • Campaign executions are organized.
  • Campaigns were easy to track and monitor.
  • Different marketing touchpoints were maximized through the Nobi tools
  • Data and information coming from the CruzFitPh website were maximized.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness were ensured as adjustments on the business were driven by accurate reports.


  • Nobi system helped CruzFit manage the engagement in social media platforms.
  • Personal messages, quick replies, and customer classification were done.
  • Livestream sales were supported.
  • Processing and response time for Messenger orders was quick.
  • Inquiries were converted to sales.


  • Leads were collected from the web and other platforms to have a masterlist.
  • Following up, up-selling, cross-selling, calling, and other tasks were organized.
  • Tasks were efficiently assigned to other members of the CruzFit team (particularly helpful in the work-from-home setup).
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  • Automatic connection with current and potential customers was made possible.
  • Order journey tracking – Customer is updated with their parcel delivery status.


  • Customer management – Detailed information of customers stored
  • Opportunities are maximized because all potential orders will not be missed out. Leads list will be captured in the Purchase order upon tagging.
  • Multi-channel inventory is synchronized. This means organized central inventory management.


  • Multi-store management is made possible. Sales performance on a platform like Shopee is optimized.
  • Product and order management + Shopee chat were handled efficiently.

In summary, what is Nobi ECRM?

In just one click, Nobi ECRM offers an all-in-one solution — order management, CRM, and marketing automation.

Nobi has the technology to connect all operating software systems into a single interface. Order status and customer management are easily changed and monitored in detail.

Different digital platforms are utilized such as Facebook, text messaging, e-mail, call center, and mobile applications. Nobi reaches out to customers through every possible channel and users can easily up-sell, cross-sell and take care of customers. This can even be done automatically and personalized according to the customer’s behavior.

Target market

Small and large businesses, including start-up enterprises, are the ones who need Nobi’s services. The brand aims to simplify the usually complicated tasks and consolidate everything into a single system. This way, the businesses will be able to maximize their potential and improve profit earning.


According to a Nobi employee during the press conference, sales are aimed to improve by 50% and redundancy among employees is prevented. In fact, the brand aims to replace redundant and inefficient employees to make the business cost-efficient.

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As of this time, Nobi is a team full of energy as it is composed of a young management team and a team of well-trained and experienced programmers. The brand promises to bringing customers the best products at the most optimal cost.

Customer service is prioritized by Nobi. Online support and hotline are made available 24/7.

Privacy Policy

Because the nature of the business requires data collection and use of information once services are availed. Nobi commits to not using or sharing customer information with anyone except anything that is described in their Privacy Policy.

For the full details, the policy is ready for viewing on Nobi’s official website. A part of it says that customer’s information on Nobi is committed to absolute confidentiality by Nobi in accordance with Nobi ‘s personal information protection policy. The collection and use of information of each customer is done only with the consent of that customer, unless it is provided by law. 

Nobi commits to not use, not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the customer’s personal information without the permission or consent of the customer, unless otherwise provided for by regulated law. Additionally, all information of online transaction from customer are kept absolutely confidential including invoice information and digital accounting documents at Nobi‘s secure central data area.

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Image and information source: Press conference and official website


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