Turning venues into magical and dreamy locations for his clients is a gift Tei Endencia has been providing his clients for some time now. The multihyphenate who dabbles in a lot of artistic ventures (singing, hosting, acting, etc.) is undoubtedly on a rise.

Tei Endencia [Photo courtesy of Amavel Paris via Tei Endencia’s Instagram account]

Juggling event styling and CEO duties at Aquila Crystal Palace Events Place in Tagaytay, Tei is now officially part of the growing roster of talents of Artist Circle Talent Management Services. His artistry is backed by a good number of years in business.

In particular, Tei’s Aquila Crystal Palace Events Place has been running for seven years now with remarkable sales performance and thriving in highly competitive and burgeoning Tagaytay, the go-to destination for out-of-town weddings and other events.

“We started in 2015. The planning stage in terms of architectural, landscaping, and our hiring process was too difficult in the beginning but it was all worth it!,” Tei shared in an interview with Random Republika. He added that great reviews and organic word-of-mouth feedback gave their business a boost even during their re-construction phase.

Passionate in what he does, Tei shared what it felt like to see his business project flourish. “We were on cloud nine as the events place eventually became in demand,” he proudly said.

The pride and joy are rooted in Tei’s love for the arts since childhood. He shared, “Since I was a kid, my mom already saw how creative I am. She said that I did love puzzles, fabrics, drawing on walls, and other creative pursuits. While growing up, I got my hands into flower arrangements for debuts and setting up venues for birthdays and other events.”

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Tei took up Fine Arts in college and his artistic path led him to where he is now. He shared how passion, dedication, and a lot of prayers in between paved the way for Aquila.

When it comes to his signature style, Tei shared that he has a fondness for diamond studs, exquisite ceiling treatment, extravagant table scaping, and glittery elements that scream luxury and style. It is no surprise that this personal brand of his has captured the attention of celebrity and talent manager Rams David.

Artist Circle talent manager Rams David

“In one of our events, I met Mr. Rams David, a friend of my dear friend Wilma Dassent. He believed there is something different in me,” Tei said. He added that the talent manager took notice of his potential and commended his skills and creativity.

Tei Endencia with Artist Circle’s Rams David

It is important to note that Tei was referring to actress Wilma Doesnt whose fabulous wedding venue styling he did. The actress couldn’t help but rave about it in an Instagram post:

Empowered by the trust of a seasoned manager who is willing to help him succeed even more, Tei said, “I’m now preparing for a big wave in my life, a newer me, in the entertainment industry.” He is now ready to let more people experience what he calls his #MasTEIpiece.”

For inquiries on Tei’s services, contact Artist Circle.

Here are the details:

Email: [email protected]
Rams David: 09175816288
Cris Perez: 09171188007
Tere David: 09178421621


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