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As rising stars Kira Balinger and Kelvin Miranda prepare to showcase their talents in the upcoming film “Chances Are, You and I,” which will also be shown at the Jinseo Arigato International Film Festival in Japan, they reflected on their dedication and commitment during the film’s creation. They emphasized their exceptional acting talents and their flexibility in portraying their roles.

During the grand media conference for “Chances Are, You and I” on May 13, 2024, Kelvin and Kira addressed previous rumors about their relationship. Kelvin clarified, “Wala pong ligawan na nangyari, inamin ko na totoo yung naramdaman ko nung ginagawa namin yung film. Nagpakatotoo ako binigyan ko ng buhay at pakiramdam siguro dala siya ng pagmamahal ko sa ginagawa ko.”

He added, “Totoo na close kami sa isa’t isa, wala naman masama dun pinagkakatiwalaan namin ang isat isa at dun nangyari yung magic. Hindi po kami natuloy wala po kaming relasyon or kung ano po ang iniisip niyo.”

Kira supported his statement, emphasizing the dedication required for their craft, “If you’re a good actor, magiging totoo talaga yung nararamdaman namin, kasi kung ganun lang po kadali yung trabaho namin, kahit sino po makakapag acting at makakagawa ng movie. It really takes a lot of guts to use your true emotions to show that to be vulnerable sa lahat ng casts sa lahat ng production.”

Kira further shared her perspective on their connection, “To be truthful din, I can’t lie to you, meron konti siyempre, very charming naman si Kelvin, and like I said, the nature of the movie is a love story, we have to interact in such a way na nakaka-fall talaga.”

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About Chances Are, You and I

In “Chances Are, You and I,” Kelvin Miranda embodies Sol Sikat, a young man burdened by a brain tumor and haunted by past loss. Sol’s weariness contrasts sharply with Kira Balinger’s Gabi Sinag, a vibrant spirit who refuses to let her own tumor diagnosis dampen her optimism.

Their chance encounter in a hospital sparks a profound dialogue about fate and free will. Gabi’s unwavering belief in the power of choice clashes with Sol’s resignation to predetermined limitations. Inspired by Gabi’s defiance, Sol embarks on a final adventure with her – a journey to determine if their shared destiny leads to happiness or an inevitable end.

Guided by the toss of a coin, their impulsive journey unfolds, filled with quirky decisions and heart-to-heart conversations. As their connection deepens, Gabi miraculously finds her mother, while Sol reconnects with his estranged father.

Love blossoms, giving Sol a renewed will to live, but tragedy strikes when an accident forces them back to the hospital. Gabi faces a risky surgery that could erase her memories, leaving their future uncertain. The fear of being forgotten drives Sol to make a heart-wrenching decision to leave Gabi’s life.

Although their surgeries are successful, their paths diverge. Determined to aid Gabi’s recovery, Sol’s best friend, Namu, strives to reunite the couple, believing that their love holds the key to Gabi’s healing. The film poses a poignant question: can love and destiny triumph over the fog of forgotten memories?

Fans eagerly await the release of “Chances Are, You and I,” anticipating the performances of these talented actors. “Chances Are, You and I” is a film directed by Catherine “CC” Camarillo, with her daughter Ellis Catrina as the screenwriter. It is produced by Pocket Media Productions in partnership with Happy Infinite Films, and distributed by Regal Entertainment Inc.

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