The whole world was faced with struggles and challenges this 2020 given the COVID-19 pandemic. The past months of community quarantine meant less work and opportunity for a lot of people. But for some, this has become a chance to reconnect with their passion and reignite their fire within. 

One of these people who grabbed the chance to pursue his passions despite the pandemic is aspiring actor Dan Delgado. The BidaMan finalist from noontime show It’s Showtime used his free time to reconnect with what he loves most.

Sharing his passion with others

Dan, who has had a fair share of struggles this pandemic, acknowledged that everyone has been emotionally and mentally affected by these unprecedented times. For this reason, he had decided to offer FREE online dance lessons for the kids, of course, with the goal of bringing positivity in these difficult times. 

“It was a really great experience. You get to see how eager kids are to learn, and you see their growth from the start to finish. Dance is also a great way for them to let loose, learn, and enjoy throughout the pandemic.”

A passion that is kept a secret is meaningless, and Dan always knew that his talent needs to be shared and be seen for it to be meaningful. He wants to keep his passion alive and actually mean something to people around him, that’s why he takes responsibility for it and started sharing it with people.

“The love for dancing and performing is my biggest asset and it is something that I wish to pursue to continue inspiring people around me.”

On powering through the pandemic

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Just like most of us, Dan struggles to find work opportunities during the lockdown period. He always believes that it is important to be flexible and to develop our ability to adapt to any given situation.

“What I have realized the most in this pandemic is to adapt in any given circumstances. I don’t think any of us expected these things to happen so it is  a matter of adjusting to the situation.”

Currently, aside from being an online dance coach, Dan also works as a licensed Financial Advisor and had a few TV performances.

Before the pandemic, Dan started to build his name as an actor and a performer in the local entertainment scene. With his right mindset, admirable set of talents, and a strong support system, Dan knows that he will reach his goal in no time.

“Being an up-and-coming artist, I guess the most challenging part is having to build your brand for yourself. I am lucky that I have a full team that supports me throughout this journey.”

On getting real in front and behind the camera

Dan describes himself as laidback, simple, and easy to get along with. Others describe him as passionate and generous.

Our passions have the power to transform the world, and now, more than ever, we should focus on uncovering our passions and our true creative purpose. Just like Dan’s, passionate energy can be contagious. Spreading that is the kind of positivity we need right now.

Get to know more about Dan Delgado by following his Instagram page at @danielaquinodelgado.

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