“My heart is beating fast. Could it be because of my fondness for drinking coffee or my fondness for you?” A peculiar mystery that a coffee lover slash admirer tries to solve in his mind as conveyed through the heart warming acoustic pop ballad “Minsan Kape, Minsan Ikaw.”

The song which is produced and distributed by Delta Records, is the latest single from singer-songwriter Denin Sy, a prolific composer who has written numerous songs that have witty lyrics and catchy melodies such as “Magbabalik Sa Iyo,” “Sabi Mo Usap Lang,” and his recent release earlier this year, “Pasensya Ka Na God Bless,” which received massive radio airplay and entered the charts of various radio stations. Denin is also known among netizens for his song parodies, with his parody of the “Bioman” theme song amassing over a million views on Facebook thus earning him the title, “Parody King”. 

Like most of Denin’s compositions that highlight the Filipino’s romantic side and are told in a straightforward manner that anyone can understand and relate with, the listener can clearly grasp the message of “Minsan Kape, Minsan Ikaw”: either coffee or love can make your heart beat fast. The listener will be immediately hooked to the mellow vocal tune accompanied by the calm plucking of an acoustic guitar and subtle keyboard tones which provide a clever contrast to the lyrics that impart how a person’s heart is about to burst because of the jolt one gets from either too much coffee or love. 

In an interview, Denin shared how “Minsan Kape, Minsan Ikaw” was created, “I was drinking a cup of coffee in my car, parked in a parking lot. I suddenly had an idea to make a song about that coffee moment. When I got home, I picked up my guitar, turned the audio recorder on and started chanting the lines, ‘Sasabog na ang puso kong ito, alam na ang dahilan: minsan kape, minsan ikaw.’ A few tweaking of words for the verses and the song was finished.” 

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With regard to his creative process in writing songs, Denin stated that he gets his inspirations from his family, his music heroes, what’s happening around the world, as well as the stories he has written as a hobby. “When I compose a song, I simultaneously write words and music together while recording it to make a rough demo, like what I did with my new song “Minsan Kape, Minsan Ikaw”. I write a song in such a way that it feels like I’m just having a sincere conversation with someone. In writing a song parody, I choose a significant topic and create humorous lyrics around it,” he adds. As a practicing architect, Denin explained that there are some similarities between architecture and composing, “Lyrics and melody in songs are also like form and function in architecture. Another similarity of architecture and music is that you can always revise to improve what you’ve created.” 

In closing, Denin shared his thoughts regarding his future plans for his singing-song writing career, “I am always hoping that my songs would be used as original sound tracks for films and commercial jingles. I already have tons of finished songs but as of now, I want to focus on promoting ‘Minsan Kape, Minsan Ikaw’. I hope that everything goes well for the song.” For more information on Denin Sy and his new single ‘Minsan Kape, Minsan Ikaw’, visit his social media channels.


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