Multi-slashie and Viral Scandal actress Dimples Romana made her brand ambassador launch for vitamin brand Fortima last March 18 extra special when she announced that there’s a bun in the oven. The 37-year-old actress is expecting her third child with non-showbiz husband Boyet Ahmee.

Prior to the announcement, the clueless event host DJ Chacha complimented Dimples about being blooming and extra active these days. The actress took the chance to express her gratitude and shared an inspiring message about being at the height of his career while everything’s going well in her personal life. As Dimples said, “I don’t think I have been this happy in my entire life. This is the happiest I’ve ever been.

Perfect fit

In today’s world, women strive to become the best version of themselves by staying on top of the multiple roles they play, both at work and in the home. Whether she’s a CEO and a mother of three, a business woman working to provide for her household, or a stay-at-home mom also acting as a teacher now that kids are taking online classes – women are quick to agree that balancing these multiple roles is not an easy feat, and being on top of everything can take a toll on their health and how they look.

During the Power Hour with Dimples Romana held via Facebook and YouTube live as a way for the multi-faceted actress to catch up with her fans about the latest updates in her life. The event was hosted by DJ, supermom, and fitness enthusiast Chacha Guevara. During the live session, Dimples and DJ Chacha talked about how Dimples takes on life as a power woman – going through her busy shooting schedule, attending to her beautiful family, and managing to study and invest in different businesses on the side. Of course, all these can sometimes bring in challenges, but Dimples manages to stay motivated and strong enough to take on all her roles and stay on top, all while looking her fresh and beautiful self!

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So, what’s her secret? It can only be Fortima.

Fortima is a daily vitamin that provides LAKAS at GANDA to Filipinas. During these times when women need to stay strong and keep their immunities in top shape, Fortima offers a unique combination of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin E to boost one’s immunity and keep the skin healthy. Fortima doesn’t just include 500mg of Sodium Ascorbate (non-acidic Vitamin C) that keeps your body strong, it is also powered by 27.5mg of Zinc and 22 IU of Vitamin E.

During the live broadcast, our power women were joined by Nutrition Coach Kristia Roco to discuss the importance of proper supplementation for power women and moms alike. Zinc helps defend against toxins that threaten immunity and is important in treating common colds with its anti-viral properties. Vitamin E helps keep skin healthy and nourished by fighting skin damage caused by free radicals. It also has properties that help protect against sun damage and help prevent drying of the skin. Both nutrients work hand in hand with Vitamin C to keep your immunity strong and your skin healthy.

Throughout the event, Dimples interacted with her fans through Q&A sessions and even a word boggle challenge where lucky winners won special gift packs from Fortima. Since this is a tell-all session between Dimples and her supporters, it was also the first time she revealed that they are expecting a very special addition to their family! Not only has Dimples been working hard on her

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hit TV shows and studying hard for her course in New York University, she is also pregnant with baby no. 3.

Aside from an enjoyable afternoon of catching up with Dimples, the audience also learned how the actress, entrepreneur, wife, and now mom of 3 boosts her immunity and keeps her skin healthy. If you are also ready to say #FortimaChallengeAccepted with your daily tasks, you can purchase Fortima in all leading drugstores, beauty stores, and supermarkets nationwide. It is also available in BeautyMNL and UL Skin Sciences official stores in Shopee and Lazada.


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