If you are looking for a charming new dining outlet in the metro, then head down to Stacy’s at Bonifacio Global City. Stacy’s is a two-floor humble cafe that boasts interiors that are cute as a button and are endearing as the colors of a fluffy rainbow.

During the holidays, Kate and I were scouting for a venue where we can hold a simple photo shoot and a brainstorming editorial session for the revamp of our website, Random Republika. High consideration was given to the decor and overall ambiance of the cafe as it needs to resonate well with our website’s new look-and-feel. As we will be using more pastel colors (updates on the website will soon be implemented in the next month or so) and as we take a more lifestyle-approach to our growing blog, we thought Stacy’s was an excellent match with what we have in mind for our website.

Cashier area at Stacy's Bonifacio Global City

Of course, dining in a new restaurant would require us to taste-test whatever is good and recommended on the menu.

I ordered a plate of Stacy Jones–which I call a “glamorized tapsilog”–plus a cup of cappuccino to kickstart my day. The beef they used was unlike any other other tapa I’ve tasted in other resto-cafes. Their menu said they used “tender yakiniku cut US Beef sirloin tapa smothered with loads of fried garlic,” and they tasted as good as what they wrote on paper. Definitely one of the dishes I will recommend.

Meanwhile, Kate, who was sitting on the other side of table, ordered a bottle of milk and a cup full of chocolate cookies (there goes her New Year diet resolution!). 

Stacys Jones - Tapa
Stacy Jones a.k.a. Glamorized Tapsilog

Stacy's BGC Decor

Whenever we see Chocolate Lava Cakes on restaurant menus, we just have to force ourselves to order one and to see how good they taste. Never mind the extra calories.

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Our excitement died down though after realizing that the cake wasn’t as moist and as chocolatey as what we expected it to be. Plus, it’s lava cake. Shouldn’t it be filled with extra sinful, warm chocolate syrup inside? This one was rather plain.

If you want to know what else is on their menu, they also offer: all-day breakfasts such as french toasts and cereals, nachos, buffalo wings, cream dory, pasta, longganisa rice, boneless bangus, chicken parmesan, among others.

Stacy's BGC Free Popcorn and Milk and Cookies

Stacy's at BGC wall decor

Upstairs, Stacy’s can comfortably sit around 30-40 pax. It looks like it can be a great venue for themed parties for girls such as bridal showers, baptism party, debuts or birthday events.

Worried that their decors might be too girly for you? Good thing they kept everything tasteful and they didn’t appear to be tacky at all.

Stacy's BGC 2nd Floor Space

Stacy's at BGC tables and chairs


Random Republika Brainstorming Session at Stacy's, Bonifacio Global City
Random Republika’s Brainstorming Session at Stacy’s, Bonifacio Global City

After my first Stacy’s visit, I just had to come back days after to try out their other dishes. I brought my family this time around and we’ve experienced the same satisfactory dining feeling at their cafe.


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