In the midst of a pandemic, social issues might be brushed under the radar. DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild, the premier theatre organization of De La Salle University-Manila, proudly presents “Unmute” – a digital performance with four stories.

Unmute” depicts glimpses of life under quarantine and its effects on prevalent social issues such as LGBTQ+, poverty, voters’ vigilance, and education during pandemic. It highlights these issues with the aim of becoming a social catalyst for change and inspiring for the creation of possible solutions.

Salamat, Patawad at Paalamni Juan Castillo

Who are the underappreciated frontliners? They have kept us safe even before the pandemic hit. Nay Doddy cared for Bene, Gwen and Sam for the longest time. They make their peace and bid their good-byes as she tries to return home.

Boboto na si Bunsoni Grey Erica

Boboto Na Si Bunso peers through the perspective of an 18-year old boy, Miguel, who is most enthusiastic about his journey of becoming a registered voter. With genuine curiosity, he explores different fundamental stages of developing his political and social awareness.Towards the end of his adventurous exploration, he learns deeper about diverse ideologies, attributes of a leader, and most importantly, the power of a voter.

Sa Muling Pagsikat ng Arawni Guion Marciano

As a young student away from home, Maia treads through life lightly, but when she loses the one she lives for, she is forced to face the harshness of reality. As she spends each waking minute in the darkness of regret, the light of love eventually finds her.

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White Noiseni Hannah Papa

What is it really like? Capturing the different perspectives of those who are affected by the pandemic and the ongoing state of education in the country, the play showcases the stories of the families of Jessica, Marites, and Ms. Levi on what life is like in the minds of a student, parent, and teacher.


For Lasallians and Arts Pass Holders:

September 23 | Wednesday | 6:00PM

September 24 | Thursday | 6:00PM

September 25 | Friday | 6:00PM

For Non-Lasallians

September 27 | Sunday | 6:00PM

Ticket Price: Php 100

For further inquiries, kindly contact Joschelly Costante at (0921) 740 8980 or visit DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild’s Facebook page.


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