Online sensation and Viva artist Donnalyn Bartolome tells us to make way for the “Social Media Goddess” in her newest track. Last November 27, Donnalyn released a new song all about social media. With 9 million followers on Facebook, 3.6 million on Instagram, and 5.66 million subscribers on YouTube, Donnalyn has a real grasp of what she’s talking about. She is, in fact, one of the leading personalities across all social media platforms. 

Donnalyn’s “Social Media Goddess” is a form of appreciation of how much she has grown in this industry in the age of connectivity.

They can call themselves a queen / But I been doing this since I was a teen / Ei, ey, that’s not being mean / I’m just saying I don’t need that title you know what I mean?

The song is not all about herself. In fact, she says that “Social Media Goddess” can refer to anyone “because any person is an influencer in his or her own way.” 

Aside from her millions of followers across platforms, the numbers of her newest single prove that she is indeed in that “Social Media Goddess” class. As of this posting, her music video’s views has already hit 1 MILLION views on YouTube and is currently trending at the 8th spot.

Donnalyn Bartolome’s newest single “Social Media Goddess” is NOW AVAILABLE on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music platforms. 

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