The founders of the newly launched platform Klieg (Viva CEO Vicente “Vic” Del Rosario, Edwin Lacierda, Jaime Hing III, Coby Lim, Ranvel Rufino, and Abigail Valte) had one goal in mind – create meaningful engagement in the era of social distancing and bring the stars closer to their fans.

Klieg, a lovechild of the entertainment industry and tech, was born in the time of a pandemic. Klieg is a new avenue that allows fans to request for a personalized video greeting from their favorite celebrities and idols, for themselves or as a gift to loved ones and friends. It is pronounced “kilig,” and is a portmanteau of the Filipino word kilig and klieg lights, which are symbolic of the big screen and theatre.

Launched last June 15, the platform boasts of a talent roster composed of celebrities, beauty queens, known entrepreneurs, columnists, comedians, content creators, athletes, and social media influencers.

Klieg allows fans to request for celebrity kliegs online for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, announcements, wedding wishes, life advice, or thanksgiving messages. More than sending flowers or material gifts, people can now surprise their friends and family with video greetings from their favorite Klieg personalities.

For Klieg chairman and Viva big boss Vic Del Rosario, setting up Klieg was an easy decision. “I’ve always believed that the entertainment will be here to stay. Fans will always be after personal experiences with their favorite artistas and celebrities; we just have to find ways using technology to make that experience possible,” he said. “While Viva is a legacy entertainment company, I am always on the lookout for ways on how we can expand our reach beyond the traditional,” he added. 

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Vic Del Rosario

Klieg is really a platform dedicated to fans. Beyond personalized greetings, we are planning to expand in ways that will help the fans become closer to their idols. The covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to bridge the physical gap using digital, and the entire Klieg team wants to be at the forefront to make this happen,” said Klieg CEO and former Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda.

Edwin Lacierda

And indeed, Klieg is the newest way to connect with your idols and a thrilling greeting for your friends and loved ones. A simple message from them may inspire you or your loved one. It may also make your life celebrations extra special.

Cristine Reyes
Kim Molina

Getting a personalized greeting is easy, too. Just visit and choose your favorite celebrity, fill out the form, including your message request, and settle your payment via credit card, debit card, or GCash. All that’s left is to wait for the personalized greeting to be sent to the fan within seven days.

McCoy De Leon
Maui Taylor
Kylie Verzosa
Katarina Rodriguez
Janno Gibbs
Ella Cruz
Diego Loyzaga
Andi Eigenmann

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