Filipino-American executive producer Arsy Grindulo, Jr. brought home with him a Hollywood film he produced right for the holiday season. The movie “A Mermaid for Christmas’ had its successful premiere night last December 6 at SM Megamall. “It’s the beauty of hope, love, friendship, family, fantasy, and what the mermaid is all about!,” Grindulo, Jr. spoke about the film. “When I was young, I remember watching Dyesebel. Why mermaid? The feel-good mermaid story is perfect for the holidays.”

Hollywood’s Kyle Lowder and Jessica Morris topbill ‘A Mermaid for Christmas.’

Kyle plays the role of Travis Hunter in the movie. In a recent press conference, Kyle described his role over a Zoom call. He said, “He is a really nice guy, he’s very sweet. He owns this bar-slash-restaurant in a fictional town where the movie takes place. He [Travis] gets really down and this mermaid comes and helps him in many different ways. Travis experienced tragedy and loss in his life. The mermaid helped him in his business and helped him emotionally.”

“There’s a lot about the character of Travis that is very natural to me. I pulled a lot of who I am into Travis’ character but there are also a lot of aspects of the character that I personally can’t relate to as Kyle so I had to do some preparation to get into his head and into his heart. My performance was very natural and authentic, very believable,” Kyle shared. “It was a combination of pulling a lot of who I am and doing research.”

ICYMI, here’s the trailer:

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