Last week, we had the privilege to try out Singapore’s newest food delivery app, UberEats, which was still in its trial phase. Developed by the same group that gave us new, efficient ways to book car/taxi services, Uber has further expanded its products and has now ventured into food delivery with Singapore as its chosen launchpad in Asia.

At the moment, the app is only available within the city center. I was given a total of SG$100 credit (maximum of five orders, US$20 per order) which was more than enough for a week’s worth of free delicious lunches.

How to use UberEats:

1. After downloading the app, I immediately keyed in my promo code and my delivery address (which you can also change later on.)

2. From Thai restos to Mexican burritos, the list of food outlets I can choose from immediately popped up in my app’s newsfeed. Although the choices were still very limited at the moment, the participating dining outlets were exciting nonetheless. Expect a minimum order for SG$10-15 for each order.

choose restaurant food at ubereats app food delivery singapore 2

choose restaurant food at ubereats app food delivery singapore 3

choose restaurant food at ubereats app food delivery singapore

3. Once you have confirmed the list of food you want, you can then hit “Place Order”

ubereats checkout app singapore

4. You will then be notified once the “food is ready,” when “courier is on the way” and once the
“food has arrived” at the specified delivery point.

ubereats delivery time app singapore food

Here’s how the salad I ordered looked like when it arrived:

ubereats ordered salad from snatch singapore

It usually takes about 30-45 minute for the overall food preparation and delivery time. Although the delivery boys were usually not familiar with the delivery points, they were pretty much polite despite the 5-10 minute delays.

Overall, I give the UberEats a thumbs up for the variety of food choices and efficiency in the delivery.

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