Tagged as The Good One, former Senator JV Ejercito wants to return to the Senate to push for his advocacies and the plans he has jumpstarted during his previous term. In a press conference held in Quezon City yesterday, the senatorial candidate laid out his plans and expressed his desire to continue efforts before the press and bloggers.

On continuing the Universal Healthcare Law

JV Ejercito sponsored and authored Senate Bill 1896, or the Universal Health Care (UHC), which automatically enrolls all Filipino citizens in the National Health lnsurance Program and prescribes complementary reforms in the health system. Simply put, it gives all Filipinos access to health-care coverage and services while protecting them from enduring financial hardship as a result.

Every Filipino citizen will be entitled to healthy living, working and schooling Conditions, and access to a comprehensive set of health services without any financial hardships.

Provide financial assistance for medical emergencies, hospital admission and all other medical routines that focus on treatment and rehabilitation.

JV wants to return to the Senate to make sure that the UHC Law will be properly implemented and enjoyed by all Filipinos, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to him, the pandemic has exacerbated the weaknesses of the Country’s healthcare system and hampered the implementation of the UHC Law. He feels that it his mission and obligation to finish and oversee its implementation.

He also said that the country’s healthcare system suffers from three major problems amidst the covID-19 pandemic: inadequate healthcare facilities, delayed benefits and privileges for healthcare workers, and mismanagement of the PhilHealth program. All of these can be addressed by the full implementation of the UHC Law, he added.

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On infrastructure

Should he return to the Senate, Ejercito said the first bill he intends to file will create a comprehensive master plan for infrastructure that will not be coterminous with any administration.

“lsa sa mga adbokasiya ko ay infrastructure development and transport organlzatIon, Ejercito said in an interview on Wednesday evening.

“Ang balak ko ay ifile yung Comprehensive Master Plan na talagang susundin for infrastructure development na kahit sino po ang Pangulo, ito po ang blueprint nasusundin,” he added.

Ejercito said having a long-term plan for the country’s infrastructure program will encourage growth in rural areas.

“lyon ang kailangan natin para maspread out yung development sa mga probinsya at mas lalong sumigla ang ekonomiya natin,” he said.

During his previous term as senator, Ejercito was one of the most vocal advocates for infrastructure development in the Upper Chamber.

These include the Philippine National Railways (PNR) South Long Haul in Southern Luzon and the Mindanao Railway System.

Recently, the former senator called for the construction of agri-food terminals and intermodal transportation terminals along these lines to provide farmers a sustainable trading center for their produce and increase their competitiveness.

On healthcare

As principal author of the Universal Healthcare Law, Ejercito has pushed for the construction of medical facilities in rural areas.

Ejercito said he will push for the enhancement of healthcare facilities in the Visayas and other key areas in the country.

Should he returm to the Senate, Ejercito said he will ensure the full implementation of the Healthcare Facilities Enhancement Program under the Universal Healthcare Law, which he principally sponsored. “In line with the Universal Healthcare Act, yung Health Facilities Enhancement Program, one of the aim is to put up specialty centers in strategic areas all over the country,” he said in an interview with DYRF Radio Fuerza.

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“We will establish a lung center, a kidney center, and a heart center and a cancer center sa V. Sotto Medical Center,” he added.


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