Viral online seller Daisy Lopez, also known as Madam Inutz, has officially released the much-anticipated music video of her debut song titled “Inutil”. She released the official music video on her YouTube channel last Thursday, September 23.

Madam Inutz stunned the netizens with fashion-forward looks in her trending music video. This video, based on feedback, reminded the netizens of Lady Gaga. Now that she is officially a recording artist, her raspy voice is perfect for novelty, rap, hip hop, rock, or “tunog kalye” genre just like the Pinoy singers who were known for their own style like Aegis, Sampaguita, or Up Dharma Down.

Being musically inclined, Adam’s musical influences are her favorites Aegis and Miley Cyrus. Her inspiration when it comes to singing are Janine Berdin, Aegis, Sampaguita, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, Nikki Minaj.

Madam Inutz is very professional and a quicklearner. She knows how to give the melody to the song and doesn’t mind the long working hours for as long as she can deliver well and can produce the right song. The shoot for her music video was taken till dawn but she never complained and was still all-smiles and full of energy.

The preparations of Madam Inutz for her debut single was no easy task. She took it by heart, for days she didn’t drink cold water, and she didn’t even shout the way she used to during her online selling so that she can modulate her voice once she started recording. She studied the lyrics and even analyzed it if it’s suits her personality. Madam Inutz is indeed born to be a singer because she enjoyed what she was doing and she didn’t find the whole process difficult.

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Daisy Lopez couldn’t be more thankful to Wilbert Tolentino, her manager, for giving her the biggest break and an amazing opportunity that not everybody gets. According to her, there are other younger and talented aspiring singers out there but here she is, launching her debut single. She feels honored and grateful to Wilbert as she never thought about reaching this far.

Wilbert Tolentino

The inspiration would be Aegis style or Sampaguita in a novelty style since she was best known for her catch phrases like “Inutil”, “gunggong”, “oh jiiieva.” This is what the whole song is all about – her life as an online seller, her struggles in life, and the classic frustrating moments when no one is buying and viewers are just making fun of her online. The song also reflects her life in Tondo and Cavite.

INUTIL is now available via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Vevo, Tiktok, Youtube Music, Beatport, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Shazam, iTunes, Facebook, iTunesRadio, and other online music streaming platforms.

Random note: For inquiries, contact 09175INUTIL / 09175468845 or e-mail [email protected]


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