Photos grabbed from Ram’s Instagram account: @GFORCE_RAM07

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G Force dancer/hottie, Ram Julianda, is now on Instagram via @GFORCE_RAM07. It has only been two weeks since he started his IG account, and yet he has already gained close to 2,000 followers. Talk about this boy’s popularity… 

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His fellow G Force boys are also a hit on Instagram with thousands of supporters too:
1. Jan Stephen de Quiroz Noval – 29,000+ followers
2. Ray-an Manglo – 8961 followers
3. Jorge Jahnke – 5735 followers
4. John Michael Jahnke – 5266 followers
5. Royce Chua – 4450 followers
6. Sherwin Casepe – 3889 followers
6. Marc Devon – 3748 followers
7. Junichi Ishii – 2116 followers

Let’s see if he will gain more fans and if there will be more exciting posts from him in the coming days.

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