Jessy Mendiola a.k.a.Yanie in Paraiso 
Images courtesy of Jessy Mendiola’s Instagram page (@senorita_j) and Facebook fan page
Her face was bare as she wore no makeup at all, not even cheek tint. This was how Jessy Mendiola described her island look in Paraiso in her Kris TV guesting two weeks ago. In the newly launched Precious Hearts Romances series, Jessy plays the role of Yani, a free-spirited go-getter who got stuck in an island with a young businessman Brennan (Mateo Guidicelli). Natural beauty shines through as she and Mateo still look attractive even after too much sun exposure.
We’re well aware that not everyone can look as effortlessly beautiful as Yanie when stuck in an island so we tried to come up with a simple tutorial to recreate the look.

                                                   RANDOM MAKEUP TUTORIAL:

Jessy Mendiola a.k.a.Yani’s Sun-kissed Look in Paraiso 
Images courtesy of Jessy Mendiola’s Instagram page (@senorita_j) and Facebook fan page
  • Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face. Allow the skin to absorb the moisturizer for around 5 minutes.
  • Use a makeup primer as base before using liquid or cream foundation that best matches your skin tone. For this look, choose one with a very light consistency. Apply the foundation all over your face using a foundation or stippling brush. A thin layer of application will do to achieve the natural look. Note: Another good option which won’t require a primer base is a BB (blemish balm) cream.
  • Spot-conceal blemishes with a creamy concealer. Use this sparingly to avoid the mistake of putting emphasis on the blemishes. This is optional as some spots like freckles that are not completely concealed achieves a more natural-skin effect.
  • Groom your eyebrows by removing stray hairs from the brow line. Make sure you follow the natural arch and the outcome should be rounded and not pointy. 
  • Fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil or powder using fine, feathery strokes. If your hair is black, use a dark or medium brown eyebrow shade. If your hair is dyed with a light color, use a similar shade. Avoid using black as it usually makes the look too heavy. 
  • Use of eyeshadow is optional. Should you opt to use it, choose matte eye shadow in shades closest to your skin tone like taupe and light brown shades. Wash your eyelid area until  a little over the crease with the lightest shade possible. A medium shade should then be applied on the lower lid (from the lash line to the crease).  
  • Using a black or dark brown liquid or pencil eyeliner, line your upper lashlines thinly. Skip lining the lower lashlines for a tamed result. 
  • Curl your lashes with an eye lash curler and apply a single coat of clear or black mascara for 
  • Using an angled brush, apply a powder blush on the apple of your cheeks (peach-pink or baby pink if you’re fair-skinned and coral or orange-y if you’re dark-skinned). Look sun-kissed by lightly sweeping a bronzer  upward from below the apples of your cheeks to the ear area (diagonally). Add a hint of bronzer  on the bridge or middle part of your nose (right below the area in between your eyes and make sure you avoid the tip!). Just lightly dab whatever is left on the bronzer brush.
  • Swipe on a flesh-toned/nude or rose-colored lip color. A tinted lip balm or clear gloss will give a more natural look.
Reminder: Regular use of hair conditioner and heat protectant spray is highly recommended. Subjecting hair to heat on a regular basis may result in damage.
  • Divide your hair into 2 horizontal sections (upper and lower parts).
  • Start working on the lower section by dividing the hair again into 1-2-inch wide sections, depending on your hair’s thickness. Divide your hair into small sections for tighter curls. Whether you’re using a large curling iron or a straightening one, alternately twirl your hair sections halfway from the roots to directions moving toward and away from your face
  • Once you’ve curled the whole lower section, do the same for the top section. 
  • Use your fingers to manually twist your curls to finish the look. 
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Optional: Lightly spritz on a setting spray. 
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