The Fierce Wife
Photo: Facebook fan page
We’ve never felt so much empathy for a character in any series as we did for Kristine (aka An Zhen) of the Taiwanese series, The Fierce Wife. You just cannot help but feel for someone who did practically everything for her husband and just ended up getting cheated on. What’s even more heartbreaking was seeing her efforts to win her husband back from her very own cousin. This may sound crazy but there were times we got a heavy feeling even hours after watching the show.
Character Kristine with her family


One can just imagine how empowering it was to watch Kristine bloom, transform, and assert herself  along the way.

Kristine, Before and After
Photos: The Fierce Wife Facebook fan page
While admiring the character, we couldn’t help but wonder who she is in real life and here’s what we discovered. Playing the role of Kristine is someone who’s been part of the Taiwanese drama scene since the early 2000s, she’s model-turned-actress Sonia Sui.  Before coming back to Taipei to pursue her showbiz career, Sonia got her psychology degree from the University of Winnipeg in Canada. She is turning 31 this October 22.
Check out her modeling pics that leave no hint of the plain homemaker early in the drama:
Photos: Sonia Sui’s Facebook fan page
Random Photos: Sonia with the The Fierce Wife cast
with Amanda Zhu and Wen Sheng Hao
with Wen Sheng Hao and Hu Ying Zheng
with Wen Sheng Hao
with Chris Wang, Hu Ying Zheng, and Wen Sheng Hao
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Behind-the-scenes with Amanda Zhu, Wen Sheng Hao, and Chris Wang
with Chris Wang
Photos: The Fierce Wife (Taiwanese Drama) Facebook fan page

Congratulations Ateneo! Bonfire on October 8!


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