The saying “beauty is skin deep” may be true, yet it’s undeniable that physical attractiveness can significantly impact one’s success. Whether it’s in landing a job, finding a partner, or building self-esteem, our society still places a premium on physical appearance. This is precisely why stories like Ace Carrera’s resonate so deeply.

Spotted on the EXpecially for You segment of GMA’s noontime show It’s Showtime, Ace Carrera gained a lot of attention from viewers and netizens after being the chosen searchee in February 2024. Known for his good looks today, Ace candidly revealed that his journey to self-confidence was far from smooth. In a recent press conference for his launch as the face of Frontrow’s Luxxe White on May 29, 2024, Ace opened up about his past struggles.

Growing up in Tondo, Ace faced harsh conditions that affected his appearance and self-esteem. “I grew up in a squatters’ area, always exposed to the sun, and I played basketball in the streets outside our home,” he recalled. “My self-esteem was low because of my looks — I was dark-skinned, had many pimples, and was very thin and shy.”

Ace admitted that during his teenage years, he wasn’t considered attractive, which severely impacted his self-esteem. The negative comments from family members during reunions further diminished his confidence. He shared, “At family reunions, my own family members would mock me, saying, ‘Why are you so dark?’ and ‘You look like wood with all those pimples.’ Hearing these comments repeatedly was very painful and brought me down.”

In addition to the remarks from his family, Ace also faced criticism from a talent coordinator during a talent workshop in 2012. He recounted, “My mom asked why I wasn’t getting any opportunities, and the coordinator bluntly said, ‘Your son is dark and too shy.’ That comment hurt and lowered my confidence further.”

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Ace’s glow-up journey began in 2020, during the pandemic, with no initial intention of transforming his appearance. He started taking glutathione and vitamin capsules to boost his health. After two months, he noticed significant changes, which were further enhanced by using beauty soaps.

Ace’s transformation goes beyond physical appearance. He aims to break the stereotype surrounding men practicing self-care and skincare. “We have to accept that it’s not just women who are conscious of their looks. Men should also feel comfortable taking care of themselves to boost their confidence and become better versions of themselves,” he said.

“We should normalize that beauty skincare is for men too. After all, men and women are both humans, just with different genders.” Ace emphasized the importance of self-care for men, saying, “Using skincare products should not be a big deal. If it helps boost your confidence and allows you to pursue your dreams, then go for it. I don’t want to dwell on what others say about using skincare being for women only.”

Reflecting on his transformative journey, Ace offered valuable advice to those on a similar path. He stressed the importance of consistency in pursuing one’s goals, saying, “Never stop dreaming. If your goal is to glow up and become a better version of yourself, keep going. Nothing is impossible as long as it’s in your heart’s desire. God will give you what you want if you don’t give up.” Ace also advised embracing authenticity and letting go of the need for external validation. “Don’t be afraid to be true to yourself. You don’t need to sugarcoat everything or prove yourself to those who don’t believe in you. Just continue, and eventually, you’ll be given the opportunity to achieve your dreams.”

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Ace Carrera’s journey with Frontrow not only highlights his impressive physical transformation but also underscores the importance of self-love, perseverance, and breaking societal stereotypes. His story serves as an inspiration to many, encouraging them to pursue their glow-up journeys with confidence and authenticity.

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