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Sparkle is excited to introduce its newest teen charmers and young stars to the world. GMA Network’s talent management has launched three batches of stars: Sparkle’s Next Brightest Stars, Sparkle Love Teams, and Sparkada. These artists have grown their star power bigger and brighter in just a year. That is why this year, Sparkle will shine the spotlight on these bright, energetic, and bubbly teen stars as Sparkle Teens!

Sparkle is eager to show how these Sparkle Teens shine, with a mix of former child actors who have transformed into teenage head-turners and brand-new faces. Mr. M, a well-known Starmaker and consultant for Sparkle, expressed that although the teenagers may be young, they possess the “it” factor to achieve great success and popularity in the entertainment industry.

“[They have the] enthusiasm and willingness to sacrifice for the craft. They are willing to attend workshops, take advanced classes to improve,” he said.

These individuals possess a strong passion for their craft and are willing to make sacrifices to improve. They have expressed eagerness to attend various workshops and advanced classes to enhance their skills.

Ms. Joy Marcelo, Assistant Vice President at Sparkle, has great confidence in the agency’s ability to equip its Sparkle Teens with the necessary skills to succeed in the industry. She shared that the teens underwent rigorous training under the guidance of top-notch coaches in acting, singing, and dancing for months before their official launch. Despite the challenging nature of the training, the teens persevered and emerged well-prepared to take on any challenge that comes their way. With their shining talent and unparalleled preparation, the Sparkle Teens are sure to make a dazzling impact in the industry.

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Ms. Ana Feleo, who serves as Sparkle’s head acting coach, shared her excitement for the upcoming launch of the Sparkle Teens. She expressed pride in her role in guiding these young artists throughout their journey of growth and development, witnessing both their challenges and successes. Now, Ms. Feleo believes that it is time for the Sparkle Teens to truly shine and make their mark in the industry.

She adds that the Sparkle Teens possess exceptional talent, and each of them has their own unique set of strengths. It is thrilling to see them begin to flourish, and she is eagerly anticipating their future in this industry that we deeply admire and cherish. With their remarkable abilities and potential, she has no doubt that they will achieve great success and make a significant impact in the world of entertainment.

Lastly, Ms. Annette Gozon-Valdes, Sparkle’s Senior Assistant Vice President, envisions a promising and active future for the Sparkle Teens. She is excited about the opportunities that await the Sparkle Teens in the coming months! These include a billboard and a music video, as well as social media campaigns that showcase their individual talents and personalities – all of which are must-sees for fans. Furthermore, the teens are set to appear in various GMA teen-oriented shows, with some already slated to take part in different dramas. They will also be making guest appearances on All-Out Sundays, providing viewers with a fresh perspective on their talents and personalities, and a chance to get to know them better.

Ms. Gozon-Valdes expresses genuine pride in the progress that the Sparkle Teens have made since their inception. These young performers possess not only great looks and impressive talent but also a commendable work ethic, humility, sweetness, and kindness. She has no doubt that once the audience sees the Sparkle Teens’ unique talents on display, they will come to appreciate and love them as the future stars of the industry.

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The fresh new faces of the Sparkle Teens are extremely grateful to the GMA Network Artist Center for providing them with the necessary training and preparation for this launch. They are thrilled to be part of different shows and projects in the future and are excited to share their talents with the world.

For the latest updates on the newest Sparkle Teens, you can visit the official Facebook page of Sparkle GMA Artist Center.


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