Music is undoubtedly a huge part of singer-actor Guji Lorenzana’s life. In the midst of a pandemic, music was something he turned to for coping.

“Yeah, that was a worrying time for us,” said Guji. “But Cheska and I worried more for our kids Cassidy and Brielle.”

After finding out though, Guji resolved to be positive.

“We isolated and just did everything to stay healthy.”

And for Guji, staying healthy means keeping busy with the things he loves to do.

One of these is producing music.

Luckily, just before getting Covid, Guji released a new single which, coincidentally enough, is titled “This Beat Will Save You.” 

And saved him it did, because the track reminded him to be productive.

“Staying in isolation for a month meant that I had time to do the things that interests me,” said Guji. “And that’s doing (music) covers, vlogs and just being a creator.”

“This Beat Will Save You” was actually written by Guji back in 2018. Waiting for the time to put it out, he eventually found the moment when he joined the YouTube creator camp NextUp Philippines.  The track found its way getting used as the accompanying music for his NextUp project. Guji was one of the big winners of the competion wherein he won Php 100K worth of equipment of his choice.

“’This Beat..’ reminded me that I should keep on working, especially when we I was isolating with my family. I used the time to be creative, because that was the healthy thing to do, while recovering from Covid.”

Sure enough, Guji was able to produce a music video for “This Beat Will Save You” during the time he was recovering. The music video, which he worked on with other creators, whose theme mirrors his recent experience, will premiere on YouTube next weekend.

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Guji also mentioned that besides music and being a creator, he is also slated to do a movie with Viva in the coming weeks.

“I’m just waiting for the day when we finally will get the green light to go out again. Then I can work again on the movies that I signed on with Viva.,” Guji said, adding, “keeping busy with what I love doing most, in many ways, really did save my life.”

Check out his vlog:


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