Halo! Selamat pagi, mas. 

I was greeted by the one of the hotel staff at The Sultan Hotel as I walked out of my room headed for breakfast. While enjoying my plateful of local gado-gado and nasi goreng, I can’t help but become introspective of my time here in Jakarta (well who wouldn’t — especially if you seem to be the only person staying in your hotel floor in a dated Javanese building, which probably was opulently stunning back in the day, but has now been personally haunting and unnerving.)  

Probably my 10th time in this city, Jakarta has been my most visited destination outside my two hometowns, Manila and Singapore.

It’s amazing how I never get frustrated with all their traffic jams amidst the heavy downpour around this period — maybe because I also love the rain and I enjoy being on a standstill; it helps me think and reflect.

Indonesians are probably the most underrated people on earth. They are affectionate, friendly and amicable. It’s just ironical how I was once again greeted by Jakarta this time around: warm hellos and cold rains.

You will never get Jakarta, until you really immerse in it.

Halo, halo!

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