Summer may be ending soon and beach days are almost over but June brings in the season of weddings. This is exactly why my diet days aren’t over yet. Just last March, I had to subject myself again to a major weight loss challenge.
Two years ago, I lost a lot of weight through the Cohen diet (18 lbs in 2 months!). But for reasons that make my sense of control and discipline questionable, I gained everything back (and even more I think). I strongly believe the long period of feeling deprived drove me crazy (being the food lover, or should I say addict, that I am!). Anyone close to me would know how I can’t easily let go of my favorite dairy products and desserts.  That made long-term diets difficult and unbearable. I’m just so glad I found the perfect diet that was manageable and worked for me and my parents in so quick a time — the HCG diet. 🙂

I’d like to share my personal journey with you but with a strong reminder that you need to consult a physician first before subjecting yourself to any form of diet.

 What is HCG?
HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone produced during pregnancy. Based on my online research, Dr. ATW Simeons discovered that HCG can be used as a weight loss aid in people who are not pregnant. As asserted in many HCG diet sites, when the product is used according to Dr. Simeons’ protocol, it is safe for men and women. 
There are two ways of taking HCG – through injection and drops. I chose the latter as I find it more affordable and I can’t bear the idea of having to be injected often. 🙂
Basically, the diet consists of a low-calorie intake + HCG drops. The drops help in minimizing (and in some days totally eliminating) cravings and hunger. 🙂 The program may last up to 40 days, depending on your target weight loss.
Through Instagram, I discovered that celebrity doctor Vicki Belo also went through the HCG diet. Just not sure if she had the drops or the injections.
As I googled for Hollywood stars who also did the diet, Jennifer Hudson and Britney Spears came out as results. 🙂

I’m not yet ready to divulge my weight in numbers but I guess the before and after photos somehow show a difference. I know I still need to lose more. In case it isn’t obvious (haha!), I wore the same shirt (Please excuse the mess in the background!). Should you decide you want to try this, I personally recommend you contact Holly who locally distributes HCG. Her contact information is provided below.

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I only took the HCG for 15 days because my sister and I shared one bottle. 🙂
We bought another one for our parents and they happily lost weight after 21 days!
(18 lbs for my dad, 58, and 14 lbs for my mom, 57)
You may reach Holly via mobile at 0906-202-0000 and Instagram at @hcgdietphils. I highly recommend you try her services.Kind and generous, she really took the time to explain the procedure and made it clear from the start that I should be serious about it. Holly did the HCG diet herself and is a success story. She is a walking billboard for her product.:)

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