Multi-hyphenate and Sparkle GMA Artist Center talent Heart Evangelista laughingly raved about getting on her favorite massage chair these days at the launch of her newest endorsement for Zion Philippines. “It’s so good, it’s like a ride in Universal Studios!,” she said. Heart also talked about putting a premium on health and wellness and shared her love for getting daily massages. At one point, she jokingly gave a shoutout to her regular masseuse “Ate Grace” whom she hasn’t called for a visit lately because she now has her massage chair at home. “It’s like a whole new different universe. This morning, I had a cat nap on the chair and it’s the best!” Heart enthused.

“For sure, you have to get six to eight hours of sleep but I do believe in power naps,” Heart emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s self in this age of hustle culture. “It’s just very important to rest,” she added. For someone who is constantly on the go and frequently traveling, Heart said it’s so important to find her me-time, a form of self-love. The idea of self-love and self-care for the media darling has evolved through the years. “I think we were more of a people-pleaser when we were young. But then, because of all the struggles in life, you realize your self-worth so then the way you love yourself also changes. You take it up a notch. You invest in yourself and make smart decisions. Things level up as you realize how valuable you are,” Heart said.

Heart provided an in-depth explanation of her self-care. She shared. “Aside from investing in myself, I do a lot of research about eating properly. I also do a lot of cleansing. Sometimes, I do a 24-hour fast so that’s a water cleanse which promotes autophagy which is cellular renewal. It helps in getting rid of the bad cells.  I do those things I also like to get my daily steps. I have at least 5 or 6,000 steps a day. But if I can beat it, 10 [10,000], I would do that. I walk in place. I take vitamins and I try as much as possible to get eight hours of sleep. And bone broth (for fasting) is the best!”

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At 38, Heart is a picture of a woman so sure of herself, one who knows what she wants and is out to get them. She seems fearless about aging. To this idea, she had the best explanation. “Of course, I am afraid of aging because I am afraid of feeling [body] pains that I didn’t feel before,” Heart opened up. She was quick to clarify that at the same time, she is also not afraid of getting old. “I just don’t want to get sick because health is wealth. No matter how much money you have, when you get sick, it’s very difficult. You can always save up again as long as you are healthy, she added.

Aside from her physical health, Heart pays a lot of attention to her inner calm by taking care of her mental health. To give us a glimpse of her daily routine, she shared, “I wake up very early in the morning. I always make sure that I have quiet time.  I have a diary, I like to write down what I am grateful for in a journal. I never let go of my journal because I feel that it’s always nice to always be grateful and assess yourself. I also like listening to music and as much as possible, I like to have my dogs around me. All the time. I feel like those are my angels.” Heart also added that finding a sense of peace also takes effort. She said with a smile, “It’s important to take a pause even when we are going through a lot. Like with me, I have my clothes, I have this beautiful flower on my neck (She points at her fashionable neckpiece) but I’m also very tired and dealing with a lot of problems. I’m also a normal person. I think it’s important that you put yourself first. No questions asked.”

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With numerous brand collaborations and projects coming her way as an international fashion icon and jet setter, Heart has embraced a different sense of maturity from experience. She feels she has developed a certain kind of confidence and independence she once lacked as a young girl who lived a sheltered and privileged life. “I’ve come a long way. Before I would say, I’m 30-something but I have a mind of a 21-year-old. I’m 38 but I feel like I have a mind of a 50-year-old,” Heart shared. She talked about learning a lot from her work, personal experiences, and responsibilities. “I’m on top of everything. I love being on top of everything. I love the feeling that you could drop me off anywhere and I would survive,” she added with pride.

“You know, I never used to travel by myself and now I do. I used to cry over connecting flights in Dubai, the train. Now, I can do anything! I love it. I’m not a hostage to anyone. I don’t need to rely on anyone,” Heart volunteered. She continued by expressing gratitude to those instrumental in her evolution. “It’s very empowering and I really appreciate the people like my husband who are very supportive of my being a late bloomer, being independent, and learning to survive on my own. I love it. I feel empowered.”

Most importantly, Heart now has a better grasp of courage. “I’m still very sweet but I know when to put my foot down. I will fight for myself this time around. Hindi na ako makakakawawa ng kahit sino ngayon (No one can bully me anymore) and I love it,” she said with a half-wink. Heart claimed that she has always been honest about her feelings but also too conscious about what others would think and say in the past. With gratitude, she ended by saying, “I love that I had to go through a lot through the years to be where I am today.” 

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