In a grand finale mediacon held earlier last Monday, lead stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano were joined by the series’ writer Vanessa Valdez, director Chad Vidanes, and other co-actors. The group expressed bittersweet emotions as they bid the show farewell this week.

Check out the mediacon highlights in the list of videos at the end of this article. [Uploading in progress]

Meanwhile, here’s what to expect in the final episode that initially aired on iWantTFC.

The rivalry between Deib (Donny Pangilinan) and RJ (Jeremiah Lisbo) becomes even fiercer as they clash at the basketball championship between their schools while trying to win Max’s (Belle Mariano) heart, in the awaited finale of the top trending series “He’s Into Her,” which will stream on iWantTFC this Friday (July 30), and air on Kapamilya Channel and A2Z this Sunday (July 31).  

At a chance meeting outside the school, RJ assured Max that he would never leave her again, especially now that not everything is going well with her new family and she continues to entertain the idea of going back to her old peaceful life in the province.  

Meanwhile, as Deib found the two together, he now feels even more threatened because the girl he loves is back to being friends with his rival, and despite her reassurance that Deib has already become special to her.   

Back at home, Max continues to harbor feelings of guilt and offered to go back to Mindoro as her stepmother Macy (Issa Litton) and stepsister Elle (Melizza Jimenez) have shown no signs of returning soon after leaving when her dad (Richard Quan) insisted that Elle be punished for being secretly involved in the physical attack on Max in school. 

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As Deib becomes more determined to take the championship back from the Southbay Sharks under RJ’s leadership, will he also win Max’s heart?   

Watch out for “He’s Into Her” TONIGHT at 8:30PM on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z and on Kapamilya Online Live via the YouTube channel and Facebook page of ABS-CBN Entertainment.



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