I just had to say yes!,” the Philippines’ Queen of Teleserye Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo shared her initial reaction upon learning that she’s being tapped by top appliance brand Beko Philippines to be an ambassador. “There’s always like, a feeling na parang, baka hindi totoo, kasi it’s always, I know that it’s top brand, I would, gusto ko makasiguro that they’re asking us na hindi nagdadalawang isip,” she humbly added.

Judy Ann shared how her manager reassured her that the brand has long been interested in and inquiring about her. “It’s sleek, it’s affordable, it’s something that I would like to introduce sa market because, it’s an appliance na hindi  mabigat sa bulsa, but would really actually help you, your household, and your budget. Especially now prices are increasing because of what’s happening around us, we really have to purchase the right appliances for our homes, and I am more than happy that I am the ambassador to be able to introduce Beko appliances, to every, to each and everyone who’s watching right now,” the drama actress-turned-entrepreneur-and-vlogger said.

Judy Ann is the new face of global European brand Beko’s “live like a pro” campaign in the Philippines. This wife and mom to three kids said Beko makes it easy for people to live healthier lives, thanks to the advanced technologies in the brand’s appliances.

“It is really important for the brand, for us especially, because we are really very sensitive and emotional people. We are from Europe, and Beko is one of the leading brands of Europe. We’re presenting a huge community. And that’s why we are really very careful when it comes to working with our ambassadors. Judy Ann will be representing us in a perfect manner. So, I’m very happy,” Beko Regional CEO for APAC Arel Atakol said. The brand executive lauded Judy Ann for her beauty and warmth as a person.

Beko Regional CEO for APAC Arel Atakol

As one of the most trusted and credible names in show business, Judy Ann chooses a brand that’s trusted in over 140 countries.

Whenever I’m offered an endorsement or ambassadorship, I study it carefully. It has to be a product or brand that I use or I will use. At naniniwala ako na Beko is a perfect fit for me, not only because they have appliances like cookers, refrigerators and ovens but also because their values as a brand in providing healthier lifestyle to Filipino families align with mine,” said Judy Ann.

This is the first time we have chosen a brand ambassador in the country and we’re very excited to have Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo on board. We chose Judy Ann because in all aspects, she lives like a true pro, she can personify the same values and aspirations we have for the company and  who does not only have an amazing rapport and impact on the lives of Filipinos, but is also a hands-on and hardworking mother and wife to her family, who can surely represent our drive and purpose, to inspire living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle said Gürhan Günal, Country Manager of Beko Pilipinas Corporation.

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Gürhan Günal, Country Manager of Beko Pilipinas Corporation

“Beko as the leading freestanding home appliances brand in Europe, make sure our global plan is focused on creating awareness on the importance and impact of healthy living and sustainability on our daily lives; thus we are committed to provide services and products that contribute to this for every family and individual.” added Arel Atakol.

Beko has been focusing on healthy living for years, raising awareness and developing products that make healthy living possible and convenient to empower the new generations to live healthier. Beko produces products that inspire a healthy lifestyle, from nutrient-saving kitchen appliances, to refrigerators that preserve food better for longer. Its products save both time and effort, allowing you to put that time into yourself and your family.

For more information about Beko in the Philippines, go to http://bekopromos.ph or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bekoph.

Here are Judy Ann’s interview highlights:

On technology giving her more time for herself as a busy wife and mom

“Ang laki ng factor ng technology sa pangkalahatan hindi lang, not only for the young generations, but also for moms, because, it gives us more time to enjoy self-love, right? Because with the technology, it’s just easy. Push this, press this, and set everything especially with the ovens of Beko and the washing machine, oh my God! It’s Bluetooth! May Bluetooth connection yung washing machine! How can you say, ‘di ba, parang how can you just say no to that? Pwede kang mag-control ng washing machine while you’re cooking something for your kids or while you’re watching Netflix, you’re cooking, you’re also doing the laundry, it’s very helpful for time management. And I believe that you’d be able to accomplish more with the technology that Beko has. For the mothers out there, like me, I’m not super techie, but when I love a brand, there’s technology that I can easily understand, it’s something that I could easily tell the people na, I would always use this brand. Kasi hindi ako nahirapan na gamitin siya.”

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On incorporating Beko into her Youtube channel Judy Ann’s Kitchen

“I will feature the kitchen appliances of Beko, para alam niyo kung ano yung sinasabi ko, because it’s hard to explain, you don’t actually tell your viewers how to use it eh. So, for me, it’s important that I’d be able to show it to everyone in Judy Ann’s kitchen, then, maniniwala kayo sa sinasabi ko pag naipakita ko na.”

On encouraging ordinary citizens to go for Beko

“I think with Beko, it would actually help all of us, to live conveniently and comfortably, in the comforts of our home. Gaya ng sinabi ko kanina, ‘di ba? With the prices right now, and many factors in our life, you really wanna make sure kung ano yung pinu-purchase mo, you’d need it for your home, na you’re actually investing in the right products, because with the time now na ang hirap ng trabaho, and a lot of us are just struggling with the pandemic and all, I would think and I suggest, that you pick Beko’s appliances simply because it will help you a lot. In saving money, saving your time, electricity, because they have a lot of equipment or appliances na talagang electricity saver, may inverters and all, and the latest technology is included as well. So, it’s like as if you’re also purchasing the top of the line, not as if, you’re actually purchasing the top brand, with the latest technology, but it’s not that expensive. It’s very affordable and sobra siyang sulit.” 

She added:

“It is a very, very, good investment. Especially during this time, I would really suggest that, it is something na, nakaka-happy. Yun yung pinakaperfect na pag define ko sa kanya. You will be happy and you will be comfortable. You’re gonna have to pat yourself on the back and say, ‘You did a good job for investing in this kind of appliance.’

On using Beko appliances for her food business Angrydobo

“Of course unang-una, it’s because they have a lot of items that’s inverter. So we need that. Especially when you have a business, you’re really trying to find ways on saving up, you know, money, and, and, budget. So, I would think, I’d be introducing Beko’s air fryer, Beko’s ovens, we just have a small kitchen. Basically, I have a back kitchen for my commissary, and I use my stove there, na talagang heavy duty. But with Beko, I know it’s heavy duty but, then again, gaya ng sinabi ko, call me makulit, call me paulit-ulit, but I think it’s very important to let the people know, that it’s very affordable. And it’s what we all need right now.”

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Kitchen tips from Judy Ann

“Of course, you have to make sure that, you have to always have regular maintenance or check-up for all your equipment is very, very, important because if you miss one, you’ll just be surprised how your electricity will just rise up. Simply because there is one loose wiring or something. Taking care of kitchen equipment is like taking care of a child.”

She added:

“And there’s, there’s an alarm. That when you, open the refrigerator door, for like, more than 2, 3 minutes, it will just beep. Then this just reminds you that, okay, I have to close it already because, you’re using up a lot of electricity. So, yun yung mga bagay tayo as Pilipino, diba? You open the ref, magkakalkal ka, then you take out all items, magtitingin ka, ganyan ganyan, and then hindi mo napansin ang tagal na naka bukas ng ref mo. So, I think it’s perfect especially for busy moms, who want to do a lot of things, all at the same time. It’s important that you have that beeping sound. I need that.”

Random rave: Judy Ann is excited about the Beko refrigerator

“I’m very excited to have the refrigerator [laughs]. I want to get that refrigerator. The one that has a cosmetic box. They have that! Mommies! It’s very important. That thing is so important, because, I just saw it a while ago, and I just realized, ay, may cosmetic compartment siya! And, for moms, if you want to take care of yourself, it is something that you actually remind yourself na, ay, I really do have to take care of myself. Pag bukas mo ng ref, maaalala mo maglagay ng cream sa mukha mo. [laughs] ‘Di ba?

It’s very modern, it’s very hip, it’s very now, even the young ones are gonna move out of their parents’ place, and then start up their own life, it is something that they’re really gonna use. I love the two-door ref, the crisper, the chiller, everything is so organized, so neat inside, I can go on and on and on and talk about Beko’s products and I’m not gonna get tired because it is something na I never actually expected na, maha-high ako.” ♥


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