“Para maging authentic ‘yung music namin, binabago namin ‘yung mga nakakasanayan na lumalabas ngayon. Para ‘pag nilabas namin ‘yung tunog namin, kakaiba pa rin,” ALLMO$T shared during the band’s media conference in response to writer Gabby Libarios’ question on how they maintain their authenticity in the music business. “Kung anong trend, hindi kami sumasabay dun. As artists, ikaw dapat mag-set sa sarili mong trend. Hindi ka dapat sumabay kung kaninuman.

It’s been quite a journey from “Dalaga” for the viral hit rap group.

Almost four years after breaking big into the Pinoy rap music scene with their gigantic viral hit “Dalaga,” Rap music quartet ALLMO$T is as productive as ever.

The group’s rappers Crakky and Russell, hook singers Clien and Jom—have since followed up “Dalaga” (one of the most memed Pinoy rap tracks in recent memory) with a handful of hits that include “Miracle Nights” and “Bagay Tayo.” The latter has even surpassed “Dalaga” in streaming numbers (over at Spotify at least) which in the least, is saying that ALLMO$T is no flash in the pan.

Far from it, ALLMO$T has since established themselves as one of the biggest rap groups in Pinoy pop today. With fan-fave hits such as “Sasamahan Kita (Araw-araw Ng Puso),” “Social Media (Damn),” and “Buti Ka Pa Masaya Na.”

To date, ALLMO$T has close to 200 million streams on Spotify alone. Factoring in YouTube views, ALLMO$T is estimated to have almost half a billion listens and views.  

And they’re just getting warmed up. The group has just recently released a brand new original titled “Larawan.” And the new single is their most tuneful yet.

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“The new song is an 80’s retro-vibed tune that catches the ear right away at the onset as it takes the listener along ALLMO$T’s nostalgia about days gone past and a love that went away.”

Not only reminiscing about loves and feelings that have gone, but the new song also has themes of social relevance. As the flashbacks of days gone past referred to in “Larawan” not only refers to a someone, but the beauty of a place that has since faded.  

The lyrics of the song goes: “Naalala ko ang larawan mo sa tuwing aking binabalikan, ang iyong mga ngiting bungad sa ‘king umaga / Dito sa bintana ang sarap balikan, sana’y di napalitan.”

ALLMO$T’s message: don’t take nature and the planet for granted. Consider the consequences if we don’t protect it. And just to drive the point further, it’s right there in the accompanying music video that ALLMO$T and Viva Records produced for “Larawan.”

Directed by Aaron Maagma, the new music video was shot in San Marcelino, Zambales, in the parts affected by Lahar some two decades ago. And while Crakky, Russell, Jom and Clien looked utterly cool on the video, the setting did add to the post-Apocalyptic backdrop director Aaron Maagma was trying to put across to underline the message when “pictures are the only thing left and reminiscing joyful moments are solely what’s left in a deserted place.”    

So, what better way to put out a very important message than coating it in the most attractive sounding music possible?

And ALLMO$T did exactly that.

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