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Well, we must admit that most of you will pick the tall, dark, and umm… oh-so yummy (ooopsie! did we really just say that word) Zanjoe Marudo over the comebacking-newbie model-turned-actor, Eddie Mendez. We really can’t blame you. After all, the former is the more popular face.

But whenever we do tune in to the boob-tube once in a while and catch the new installment of ABS-CBN’s TV series, “Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Hiyas,” we never lose sight of this real cute “gem” in the show. Nope, we are not talking about Sapphire Salvador played by Megan Young, but by the third wheel in the Sapphire-Silang (played by Zanjoe) love story — Aldrich Zaragoza (played by Eddie).

Eddie is not really a newbie in this industry. We first caught sight of him as one of the cute centerfold bachelors of Cosmopolitan Magazine back in 2002. Fresh, seemingly naive, and young. 
This guy was born in the Philippines, but he grew up and studied Sports Science and Medicine in the United States.  
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In 2003, he then joined Philippine TV as one of the finalists in the MTV VJ Hunt. Based on survey polls, he was definitely one of the favorites among other famous personalities such as actress Antoinette Taus, Greg Martin and Geff Rodriguez of the Power Boys, and TV host Reema Chanco. Unfortunately, he didn’t win as Johan Ekedum (a student then) and Ateneo courtside reporter Patty Laurel bagged the VJ seats.  
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Do you know that he was this chubby then?
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Then he evolved into the beefy guy that we are now familiar with.
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Aside from appearing on TV, Eddie also works as a fitness guru. He was one of the men behind Raymond Gutierrez’ 40 lbs weight lost. Lucky guy! Can we also get him as our personal trainer?
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We wonder if he’ll be given more breaks after “Hiyas”… 
P.S.: The last time we saw Eddie was in Opus at Resorts World Manila dancing with a pretty lady. We still hope he is not yet attached to anyone at this time. *winks prettily*