I was in the presence of a member of The Maneuvers. THE MANEUVERS, lang naman!

Of course, I had crazy stage jitters. Like shaky-knees kind of nervousness.

josh junio the maneuvers

Dance Choreographer Josh Junio of The Maneuvers

Last Sunday, we were invited to attend FDC Singapore’s special dance class with Manila-based choreographer/instructor Adam Alonzo of TPM. He came to the studio with four of his other teammates/friends who moved flawlessly on stage.

Adam’s forte is lyrical — an urban dance style which I’m totally not used to. Like performing an emotional oratorical piece, only on hormones. Although the choreo looked totally easy, I must admit, my brain had several internal hemorrhage during the entire class: me trying so hard to figure out what’s the next step. What’s the next step, goddammit! 

And when the moment came to perform in small groups in front of everyone, my world shook and stopped. I heard Taylor Swift singing ‘Blank Space.’ You know, birds chirping all around. I froze. I couldn’t move. I forgot the steps.

I missed a beat. And another one after that. I missed the rest of the song.

I was there, ashamed of myself.

I wanted to pick myself up, but I just couldn’t go on any further. Didn’t know where to start. I left the floor, smiled to everyone as I sat down watching my group complete the routine.

I always fall in love when I dance. But this one was a massive heartbreak.

Everyday can’t be always a party, I told myself. Once in a while, we’re supposed to really miss a beat. Maybe a song or a particular choreo doesn’t suit our style. If it’s not for us, then it’s not for us.

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But, that doesn’t mean we have to stop dancing at all. Maybe we just need to find our own style. And dance to our own beat.