I eagerly stepped out of the room one Saturday morning to see the sunrise sashaying with the majestic view of the volcano and the lake as its companion.

But all I see were the mists and the fog. And the heavy rain that drowned all the surroundings.

I waited for the sunrise. But it never came. Hours and hours later, it never did.

All along, I knew, the sunrise was just behind the clouds. Hiding. And me — expecting. But he didn’t want to show his face. He did’t want to show his rays.

All I had were the raindrops. Wetting my shoes and soles.

Little did I realize, the rain was what I needed at the moment. I was happy and contented.

But I knew the rain was temporal. His presence, fleeting.

So I took a dip. Enveloped myself in the rain. Surrendering in the moment.

For tomorrow will be another day.

“What if. What if we start to drive. What if. What if we close our eyes. What if we’re speeding through red lights into paradise.”

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