It was a shocking yet heartwarming piece of news that managing director of family-owned Victoria Court chain of motels and Car Porn Racing, Ian King, finally came out as a trans woman.* His wife model-and-TV host Joey Mead showed all-out support on Instagram. Ian also turned to the photo and video sharing app to express his joy for finally being free and coming out with the truth. Ian also expressed his love for Joey and referred to his wife as “his rock and number one supporter.” The two were wed in 2011.

 Ian’s brother, Atticus King, showed his support for his brother’s decision to come out via an Instagram post with the caption, “Here’s a pic with my former kuya who is now my ate. Meet my “new” sister Angie.”

Ian King is now carrying the name Angelina Mead King in his new Instagram account. Aside from the account @hailtothe_king, Ian is also using @hailtothe_queen_ which when we checked had posts as early as 2012.

*Here’s the definition of a trans woman we got online: A trans woman (sometimes transwoman or transwoman) is a transgender person who was assigned male at birth but whose gender identity is that of a woman.

True love and support is what everybody needs. I’m so blessed and happy to finally be real! ❤️??

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I love this post ?

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My rock and my number one supporter! @joeymeadking I Love You! ❤️? #loveislove #beproud #betruebeyou #lovewins #transgender #mtf

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Were so happy to be free ❤️?? @joeymeadking

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Missing Miami #loveislove #beproud #girlslikeus

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Atticus’ touching post:

Ian King’s 2013 profile video:

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