Piolo Pascual, the country’s ultimate heartthrob, turned 40 last January 12. While many stars his age are going slow in terms of their careers, Papa P is going full throttle this year with new and exciting projects. One of which is his upcoming film project with Yen Santos.

Through a birthday bloggers’ conference set up by Star Magic last January 4, Piolo got to share his thoughts on this new chapter in his life (check out our series of previous posts for more info). Here are some snapshots:

“I can never be more thankful. I’m just really happy that they didn’t just change my life, they’ve changed my whole track, my entire journey in life and I’m just really humbled by it.” –Piolo on ABS-CBN’s support for the past 20 years

Please excuse me, just had to include this one. 🙂  –Kate

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